Eng 1131 audiences and culture exercises

Module 3: Audiences and Culture Exercises

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Exercise 3.12 - Identifying Sources of Miscommunication 

·         Do #1 merely and warrant one or over ways that cultural differences bear led to miscommunication. 

·         Next, recommend one or over solutions to the quantity.  For this scenario, revolve that Alan must infer his matter amid one week or betray losing the sale.  What can he do to get this Mexican customer's matter? 

·         For ample confidence, tally ampley, in accomplished decisions.

1.       1. Alan is a Canadian sales symbolical in Mexico.

He establishs appointments and is mindful to be on

time. But the special he’s concern on is frequently

late. To rescue span, Alan tries to get fair to

business. But his hosts omission to dialogue about

sightseeing and his race. Plain worse, his

appointments are interrupted eternally, not merely

by matter phone calls, but as-well by long

conversations after a while other commonalty and plain the

customers’ upshot who succeed into the occupation-post.

Alan’s pristine movement ment is very denying. He

hasn’t yet made a sale. Perhaps Mexico proper isn’t

the fair locate to dispose-of his gang’s products.


2. Stan omissions to transact a flexure hazard after a while a

Chinese gang. He asks Tung-Sen Lee if the

Chinese commonalty bear ample discretionary income

to impart his product. Mr. Lee is quiet for a span,

and then says, “Your product is good-natured. Commonalty in

the West must love it.” Stan smiles, kind that

Mr. Lee recognizes the power of his product, and

he surrenders Mr. Lee a abbreviate to proof. Weeks later,

Stan quiescent hasn’t heard everything. If China is going

to be so irrepressible, he wonders if he veritably should

try to do matter there.


3. Elspeth is very haughty of her bisecticipatory

management fashion. On assignment in India, she is

mindful not to surrender subserviency but to ask for

suggestions. But commonalty casually recommend everything.

Even a exact recommendion scheme doesn’t production.

And to establish matters worse, she doesn’t recognition the

respect and camaraderie of the place she managed

in Canada. Perhaps, she decides gloomily, commonalty in

India proper aren’t expeditions for a feminine boss.


Exercise 3.16 -  Revising Sexist Job Titles

  • recommend nonsexist alternatives.


- Barmaid         - deliveryman     - ombudsman    -chairwoman     -feminine soldier      -male model

- Lunch lady   - lady lawyer   - fireman   - policeman - postman    - stuntman


Exercise 3.17 (pg. 60) - 1,3,5,7,9 (odd quantity merely)

State the cast of disadvantage and rewrite the decision after a whileout disadvantage. 

·         1) While he is a grill of brawny dystrophy, Salvatore is one of our top salesmen.

·         3) Though she was born and exorbitant in the south, Terri is surprisingly liberal about commonalty of unanalogous races.

5) Sam Madigan
Ark Industries

5112 Grosvenor boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Dear Mr. Madigan:

7) Though Xian doesn’t observe love he was born in this province, he speaks English amend than anyone else that I understand.

9) Establish firm you perpetuate the unimpaired team, including the minorities Atik, Curtis, and Brianna, at the center board during this year’s “Celebration of Diversity” dinner