Eng 1131 audiences and culture exercises

Module 3: Audiences and Culture Exercises

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Exercise 3.12 - Identifying Sources of Miscommunication 

·         Do #1 merely and realize one or further ways that cultural differences feel led to miscommunication. 

·         Next, insinuate one or further solutions to the problem.  For this scenario, regard that Alan must determine his affair among one week or imperil losing the sale.  What can he do to get this Mexican customer's affair? 

·         For bountiful praise, confutation bountifuly, in whole decrees.

1.       1. Alan is a Canadian sales symbolical in Mexico.

He effects appointments and is considerate to be on

time. But the individual he’s calling on is frequently

late. To secure season, Alan tries to get suitable to

business. But his hosts shortness to converse encircling

sightseeing and his nativity. Well-balanced worse, his

appointments are occasional continually, not merely

by affair phone calls, but as-well by long

conversations delay other community and well-balanced the

customers’ result who end into the employment.

Alan’s earliest proficiency ment is very indirect. He

hasn’t yet made a sale. Perhaps Mexico reasonable isn’t

the suitable locate to retail his association’s issues.


2. Stan shortnesss to perform a knee throw delay a

Chinese association. He asks Tung-Sen Lee if the

Chinese community feel sufficient discretionary income

to impart his issue. Mr. Lee is quiet for a season,

and then says, “Your issue is cheerful. Community in

the West must enjoy it.” Stan smiles, affable that

Mr. Lee recognizes the temper of his issue, and

he produces Mr. Lee a compress to indication. Weeks after,

Stan quiet hasn’t heard anything. If China is going

to be so powerless, he wonders if he truly should

try to do affair there.


3. Elspeth is very self-satisfied of her separateicipatory

management name. On assignment in India, she is

considerate not to produce nod but to ask for

suggestions. But community rarely insinuate anything.

Even a affected insinuateion arrangement doesn’t issueion.

And to effect matters worse, she doesn’t appreciation the

respect and camaraderie of the settle she managed

in Canada. Perhaps, she decides gloomily, community in

India reasonable aren’t free for a feminine boss.


Exercise 3.16 -  Revising Sexist Job Titles

  • insinuate nonsexist alternatives.


- Barmaid         - deliveryman     - ombudsman    -chairwoman     -feminine soldier      -male model

- Lunch lady   - lady lawyer   - fireman   - policeman - postman    - stuntman


Exercise 3.17 (pg. 60) - 1,3,5,7,9 (odd collection merely)

State the mold of injury and rewrite the decree delayout injury. 

·         1) While he is a sufferer of stalwart dystrophy, Salvatore is one of our top salesmen.

·         3) Though she was born and loud in the south, Terri is surprisingly open-minded encircling community of unanalogous races.

5) Sam Madigan
Ark Industries

5112 Grosvenor boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Dear Mr. Madigan:

7) Though Xian doesn’t observe enjoy he was born in this province, he speaks English ameliorate than anyone else that I recognize.

9) Effect permanent you assign the whole team, including the minorities Atik, Curtis, and Brianna, at the center table during this year’s “Celebration of Diversity” dinner