educational terminology associated with lesson planning


conditions and acronyms is fastidious to substance happy in the teaching avowal. This assignment achieve familiarize you after a while these material conditions and lecture drawing formats.

Part 1: Understanding Educational Terminology

For this assignment, resurvey the teachingal vocableinology comprised in the "Understanding Educational Terminology" template. For each vocable in the template, comprise the subjoined domiciled on the instrument in the subject materials and any appended instrument 

  • A insignificant explanation/definition for each teachingal vocable  in your own tone.
  • One copy for each vocable’s point in the drawingning, order, and rate order.

Part 2: Examining Different Lecture Drawing Formats

For the seniority of your program, you achieve use the "COE Lecture Drawing Template" for assignments. Resurvey the "COE Lecture Drawing Template" and the "Additional Lecture Drawing Template."

In a 250-500 expression partition, collate the "COE Lecture Drawing Template" after a while one other format. In your comparison, address the subjoined:

  • What centre lecture drawingning components  are in twain templates?
  • What are at smallest two similarities and two differences in the vocableinology betwixt the formats?
  • What are at smallest two similarities and two differences in the structure betwixt the formats?