Educational community stakeholders | SEC 501

1. Discussion Question 1: 250 say delay extract. Due today 11/03/2018. Worth 5 points.


Why is it dignified to attach potently delay others?  How procure potent despatch succor you in your academic progress?  Provide examples.

2. Discussion Question 2: Due Monday 11/05/2018. Worth 5 points.

Discuss the chattels national, declare, and federal agencies entertain had on your nurture aptness.  Does this pathwayway dissent for students entering nurture immediately from tall nurture? 

3.  Educational Community Stakeholders PowerPoint. Due Tuesday 11/06/2018. Worth 102 points.

Create a PowerPoint exhibition of 12-15 slides, which describes your community’s counselal stakeholders (Arizona), and the earliest roles of national, declare, and federal agencies in generally-known unimportant counsel (High School). Embody presenter's notes, a epithet slide, and in-text extracts delayin your exhibition.

Support your findings delay a stint of three erudite instrument.

If you can embody this name huge, but if not that is ok.


“A Nation at Risk” by Good, C. J. from the American Educational History Journal (2010).

This is the corresponding systematize that you succored me delay definite week.  I procure be posting weekly homework questions for this systematize.