Edu 540 lesson plan | EDU 540 Designing, Developing and Evaluating Educational Technology | Strayer University

In this assignment, you earn transcribe two homily artifices on the selfselfcorresponding symbolical using two opposed literature theories of technology.

For the primary homily artifice, you earn intent a homily using technology that follows one of the 20th-century theories of literature technology and its pedagogy:

  • behaviorist literature hypothesis.
  • cognitivist literature hypothesis.
  • constructivist literature hypothesis.

For the remedy homily artifice, you earn intent a homily instruction the selfselfcorresponding symbolical but using a 21st-century hypothesis of literature technology and pedagogy:

  • connectivism literature hypothesis.
  • collaborativist literature hypothesis.

Your assignment earn be a 4–6 page tractate (not including your homily artifices) that parallels and contrasts your homilys.

  1. First, you earn transcribe your two homily artifices. You must include: 
    • An commencement for twain homilys, which includes: 
      • A digest of subject-matter and homily resigned.
      • Demographics of students.
      • A description of the literature environment (social nurture, urbane grafting, online classroom, etc.)
      • Lesson goals and extrinsics.
    • Each homily artifice must include: 
      • Materials and media (can be opposed for each homily).
      • A homily sketch.
      • Any homeeffort or other assigned effort for the homily.
      • How you earn assess the homily. (It does not feel to be a correct toll. It can be through notice, directed questions, artistic fruit, etc.)
      • A technology that you earn use as distribute-among-among of your instruction management. 
        • You can admonish your unimpaired homily after a while this technology or use it for distribute-among-among of your homily.
        • You can use opposed technology for each homily.
  2. Then, you earn examine each homily and decipher: 
    • The literature hypothesis and pedagogy you used.
    • How your instruction management, activities, and toll example the literature hypothesis and pedagogy.
    • How the technology for that homily reflects the literature hypothesis and pedagogy.
  3. Next, you earn parallel and contrast: 
    • The strengths and weaknesses of each homily.
    • The challenges of using each mode.
    • Practical issues of using each mode in the true universe.
  4. Lastly, you earn decipher which homily you conceive efforts amend for instruction the resigned and why, from a literature hypothesis perspective.
  5. Go to the Strayer Library and produce at lowest five relateences that living your resolution.
  • At lowest three of these sources deficiency to be from the gone-by two years.
  • The interval of the sources must be from after a whilein the terminal five years.

This plan requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For coadjutorship and instruction, fascinate relate to the Strayer Writing Standards merge in the left-hand menu of your plan. Check after a while your confessor for any affixed instructions.

The plan extrinsic for this assignment is:

  • Write homily artifices that align after a while literature theories and bearing technologies.