Edce 512 quiz 2 (2019)


  1. In collocation, Jon and Sam know-again that they entertain manifold congruous interests and habits although the two are in self-evident ways very-much divergent. This specimen of      helps elucidate how collocation portions beseem emotionally secure to one another.
  2. Physical and metaphysical parameters inferior which a collocation operates are public as   .
  3. In closed-ended counseling collocations at lowest ________ sessions should be focused on the achievement of collocation.
  4. The regularity by which collocation portions merge twain physically and metaphysically is public as   .
  5. The tragedies of Jonestown, the Branch Davidians, and the Bay of Pigs encroachment are all specimens of   .
  6. The    is a cheerful representation of what happens in the scope of self-disblank wall when a collocation is in the afloat rate.
  7. refers to using open and plain message channels shapeless men-folks in collocation.
  8. When collocation portions emphasize simply the unequivocal aspects of collocation rather than what they read, it is public as _________________.
  9. involves cooperating after a occasion others unconsciously or consciously to confirm solid attitudes, computes, behaviors or norms.
  10. During the afloat rate, through    collocation portions end to shape the compute of the collocation in their lives and beseem expert to progress on to the fulfilment rate.
  11. The frameing/orientation rate of the collocation is usually characterized by     .
  12. When a collocation chief refers to her presumptive mode to chiefship as "eclectic" she most slight resources that her mode   .
  13. are favoring objectives that men-folks or the collocation ambition to shape.
  14. This frame of opposition involves a collocation portion presenting as forsaken and insufficient occasion refusing to heed to feedback.
  15. A primitive dissent among "combat conversion" and combat government in the investment front is that combat conversion is inveterate on the inferiorlying proposal that    .
  16. Equal portion air-time may be increased through the use of     .
  17. Individuals who beseem    hold stereotypical views encircling family and gender issues.
  18. The system of examination that uses a examination-inveterate speculation of individuality and collocation dynamics in examining the norming regularity is public as   .
  19. are expectations encircling collocation portions' behaviors that should or should not accept fix.
  20. "Summarizing" is a expertness that collocation portions use to animadvert and foreblank wall symbolical events or experiences in the collocation at its end. This regularity is repeatedly determined    
  21. Individuals quitting a collocation existing or a collocation achievement due to the actions of a chief are twain specimens of   .
  22. The question of blank wall should primary be addressed during which rate of a collocation?
  23. In Waldo's conceptualization of collocation functioning I/We/It, "it" refers to      dimensions.
  24. Conflict   is inveterate on the proposal that combat is basically unequivocal.
  25. An "excursion" is a racy enthusiasm for portions during the afloat rate. This enthusiasm is associated after a occasion which of the subjoined collocation enhancing techniques?



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