Edce 512 quiz 1 (2019)


  1. Life-skills reason in psychoeducational assemblages purports that mass can be taught on a(n)   level how to plug virtual problems from occurring.
  2. Which one of the forthcoming is not a mold of role in a assemblage elucidation?
  3. Counseling assemblages commend the estimate of members   for assemblages after a while offspring than for assemblages for adults.
  4. Leaders when launched after a while fight brought encircling by "power" difficulties after a whilein a assemblage must verify betwixt position cogentness and personal cogentness. Position cogentness fight is repeatedly seen betwixt    individuals.
  5. The visible construction of a assemblage is repeatedly relying upon that assemblage's calculated meaning. Which construction underneath is past slight to be industrious as a charge construction (e.g., soldierly)?
  6. _____________________ assemblage troddenors are less troddenive serving as a facilitator, not as a master.
  7. Which of the forthcoming would be a limitation resulting from co-example in assemblage effort?
  8. Yalom's corrective constituents after a whilein a assemblage repeatedly favor the interactions of members and the assemblage as a healthy in many-sided ways. As members sanction part for their own lives, Yalom would protest that   is the corrective constituent.
  9. When a assemblage troddenor is promoting interaction betwixt assemblage members after a whileout project vigilance to him/herself, this role is substance industrious.
  10. The "interaction of assemblage members after a while one another" is repeatedly referred to as    .
  11. This mold of assemblage may keep 20 to 40 members on medium.
  12. One would forebode a "Theory X troddenor" to be most closely aligned after a while a     example title.
  13. In public   groups force "augmentation through knowledge".
  14. A gregarious    emerges in a assemblage that manifests itself by altering actions, attitudes, and feelings.
  15. In launched after a while rugged nation,   groups look to be rather cogent.
  16. Kottler protests that a "counseling assemblage for counselors" can succor counselors trade past cogently after a while the   that comes from launched after a while mass in suffering.
  17. The "Critical-incident Model" for luxuriance assemblage troddenors involves each of the forthcoming "steps" where the trainee completes each ate   .
  18. Which one is not a centre contrivance of assemblage troddenorship?
  19. Although dignity betwixt "self-succor assemblages" and "support assemblages" can be artful, a dissonance in   is repeatedly clear.
  20. In compliments to assemblage gratified, “good determination making involves interaction after a while others in the specialty of a _________________________”.
  21. When attractive in    the assemblage troddenor shows a unaffected affair for others through their frankness and honesty
  22. The trodden end of lucky supervision for assemblage troddenors purports to aid in troddenors' augmentation in all of the forthcoming troddenorship skills ate  .
  23. According to Nolan, accomplishing the intent of "honest self-investigation; to prefer bountiful use of virtuals; to fetch encircling awareness of self-contradictions", assemblage troddenor would practice  .
  24. Glass and Benshoffs PARS model, to conceptualize "processing" in assemblage effort, is an acronym where "A" stands for   .
  25. According to Hulse-Killackcy, Schumacher, and Kraus, the "balance" betwixt gratified and arrangement is   .



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