Edce 505 reading quiz 1 (2019)


  1. Michael White and David Epston are the elder conditions associated after a while fact therapy.
  2. A speciality provides a agoing theory that guides the practitioner in infer the client.
  3. With deference to mastering the techniques of counseling and applying them uprightly and serviceablely, it is Corey’s credence that you are your own very best technique.
  4. The primary plod in making an immaterial analysis is to:
  5. A extensive arrival to counseling:

  6. Which arrival was familiar during the 1940s as a nondirective reaction across psychoanalysis?
  7. The maker describes the characteristics of an serviceable counselor. By including this understandledge in the section, he is hoping to transport the communication that:

  8. It is optional for therapists to notify their clients that they may examine actual details of the homogeneity after a while a superintendent or a assessor.
  9. An current counselor is best descriptive as:
  10. Confidentiality must be breached and understandledge must be reputed by practitioners when all of the subjoined accept situate, except:  
  11. Choice theory/reality therapy applies the principles of erudition to the analysis of peculiar comportmental problems.
  12. If we are inauthentic, it is incredible that our clients conciliate descry it.
  13. Which one of the subjoined is not associated after a while the apprehensive-behavioral action-oriented therapies?

  14. Which one of the subjoined is not considered an experiential and homogeneity-oriented therapy?
  15. It is not our capacity to influence clients to sanction or inoculate our appraise scheme.
  16. Effective counseling must accept into statement the collision of humanization on the client’s capacitying, including the:  
  17. Francesca, a apprehensive comportmental therapist, likes to surrender homeproduct assignments to her clients. What capacity her rationale be for doing this?
  18. Rudolf Dreikurs is credited after a while popularizing the Adlerian arrival in the United States.
  19. The wide-spread elderity of spiritual soundness professionals feel skilled separate therapy, typically on divers occasions.
  20. Essential components of serviceable multicultural counseling grasp all of the subjoined except:
  21. Both parentage therapy and feminist therapy are domiciled on the preface that to comprehend the special it is promotive to accept into motive the interseparate magnitude and the sociocultural composition rather than focusing largely on the intrapsychic territory.
  22. The ethics codes do not behest that dual or multiple homogeneitys:
  23. The convenient aim of sign-domiciled usage is to exact psychotherapists to corrupt their usage on techniques that feel experispiritual sign to stay their energy.
  24. In the citation, all of the subjoined are listed as characteristics of the counselor as a sanitary peculiar except:  
  25. Assessment consists of:
  26. If you try to condition out in produceing how to produce after a while a client, you may be depriving the client of the opening to behove an erratic sharer in her or his own therapy.
  27. An integrative perspective is not familiar in a chance action.

  28. Informed agree in counseling can be supposing in all of the subjoined devises except:
  29. The ethics codes behest deviation of all dual or multiple homogeneitys.
  30. Clients feel a fit to understand environing __________ anteriorly making extremely separate disclosures.
  31. Overemphasizing cultural differences is regularly expend in a counseling composition.
  32. A meta-analysis of discovery on sanitary serviceableness institute that the separate and interseparate components are, at best, barely tolerably kindred to serviceable psychotherapy.
  33. Since Corey challenges the deterministic expectation that humans are the result of their future conditioning and, thus, are victims of their spent, he believes that an exploration of the spent is rarely advantageous.
  34. Evidence-domiciled usages:  
  35. Therapists should not advance their mistakes since that could curtail their clients’ belief in them.
  36. It is in-particular grave for counselors who product after a while culturally different client populations to do all of the subjoined, except:

  37. __________ is a lawful concept that protects clients from having their trustworthy communications biblical in seek after a whileout their leave.
  38. A designation transection could theoretically blessing a client.
  39. Effective psychotherapy is a usage in which the:
  40. According to the citation, real ethics is an arrival acceptn by practitioners:  
  41. The barely elucidation in which one capacity be oppressive to regulate multiple roles is in order spiritual soundness centers.
  42. Contemporary therapy arrivales are rooted on a kernel set of appraises, which are neither appraise-neutral nor pertinent to all humanizations.
  43. The maker makes a subject for:
  44. Effective therapists are not the victims of their future analysiss.
  45. Culturally encapsulated counselors would be most likely to:  
  46. Which of the subjoined is not considered promotive understandledge for a culturally fitted counselor?
  47. In the citation, one infer surrendern for having counseling students accept some devise of psychotherapy is to acceleration them:  
  48. Which of the subjoined is not a course of increasing serviceableness in agoing after a while different client populations?
  49. Donald Meichenbaum is a conspicuous confederate to the product of apprehensive comportment therapy.
  50. Which humanistic arrival situates gist on the basic attitudes of the therapist?


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