Edce 505 reading quiz 1 (2019)


  1. Michael White and David Epston are the senior shapes associated delay fact therapy.
  2. A particularity provides a productioning fancy that guides the practitioner in sense the client.
  3. With deference to mastering the techniques of counseling and applying them properly and serviceablely, it is Corey’s faith that you are your own very best technique.
  4. The primitive stalk in making an intellectual disintegration is to:
  5. A ample way to counseling:

  6. Which way was plain during the 1940s as a nondirective reaction athwart psychoanalysis?
  7. The fabricator describes the characteristics of an serviceable counselor. By including this counsel in the article, he is hoping to relegate the notice that:

  8. It is optional for therapists to impart their clients that they may debate unfailing details of the relationship delay a overseer or a assessor.
  9. An legitimate counselor is best picturesque as:
  10. Confidentiality must be breached and counsel must be reported by practitioners when all of the subjoined procure attribute, except:  
  11. Choice theory/reality therapy applies the principles of attainments to the disintegration of local comportmental problems.
  12. If we are inauthentic, it is unreasonable that our clients gain unmask it.
  13. Which one of the subjoined is not associated delay the sensitive-behavioral action-oriented therapies?

  14. Which one of the subjoined is not considered an experiential and relationship-oriented therapy?
  15. It is not our duty to dispose clients to recognize or graft our esteem order.
  16. Effective counseling must procure into recital the contact of cultivation on the client’s dutying, including the:  
  17. Francesca, a sensitive comportmental therapist, likes to grant homeproduction assignments to her clients. What strength her rationale be for doing this?
  18. Rudolf Dreikurs is credited delay popularizing the Adlerian way in the United States.
  19. The waste seniority of spiritual bloom professionals accept skilled peculiaral therapy, typically on sundry occasions.
  20. Essential components of serviceable multicultural counseling apprehend all of the subjoined except:
  21. Both family therapy and feminist therapy are naturalized on the preface that to apprehend the particular it is accidental to procure into consequence the interspecific body and the sociocultural matter rather than focusing chiefly on the intrapsychic territory.
  22. The ethics codes do not injunction that dual or multiple relationships:
  23. The convenient aim of indication-naturalized manner is to insist-upon psychotherapists to disingenuous their manner on techniques that accept tentative indication to subsistence their agency.
  24. In the citation, all of the subjoined are listed as characteristics of the counselor as a remedial peculiar except:  
  25. Assessment consists of:
  26. If you try to shape out in gait how to avail delay a client, you may be depriving the client of the turn to beseem an locomotive spouse in her or his own therapy.
  27. An integrative perspective is not plain in a casual style.

  28. Informed submit in counseling can be supposing in all of the subjoined moulds except:
  29. The ethics codes injunction nonintention of all dual or multiple relationships.
  30. Clients accept a proper to perceive encircling __________ antecedently making exceedingly peculiaral disclosures.
  31. Overemphasizing cultural differences is frequently expend in a counseling matter.
  32. A meta-analysis of examination on remedial serviceableness plant that the peculiaral and interspecific components are, at best, barely moderately kindred to serviceable psychotherapy.
  33. Since Corey challenges the deterministic conception that humans are the issue of their forthcoming conditioning and, thus, are victims of their gone-by, he believes that an examination of the gone-by is rarely suited.
  34. Evidence-naturalized manners:  
  35. Therapists should not promote their mistakes gone that could shorten their clients’ faith in them.
  36. It is in-particular momentous for counselors who production delay culturally various client populations to do all of the subjoined, except:

  37. __________ is a legitimate concept that protects clients from having their secret communications biblical in pursue delayout their dispensation.
  38. A period bisection could theoretically good a client.
  39. Effective psychotherapy is a manner in which the:
  40. According to the citation, assured ethics is an way procuren by practitioners:  
  41. The barely enhancement in which one strength be callous to control multiple roles is in aggregation spiritual bloom centers.
  42. Contemporary therapy wayes are prepared on a heart set of esteems, which are neither esteem-neutral nor ancilla to all cultivations.
  43. The fabricator makes a contingency for:
  44. Effective therapists are not the victims of their forthcoming disintegrations.
  45. Culturally encapsulated counselors would be most slight to:  
  46. Which of the subjoined is not considered accidental perceiveledge for a culturally adapted counselor?
  47. In the citation, one debate grantn for having counseling students entertain some mould of psychotherapy is to succor them:  
  48. Which of the subjoined is not a regularity of increasing serviceableness in productioning delay various client populations?
  49. Donald Meichenbaum is a eminent associate to the crop of sensitive comportment therapy.
  50. Which humanistic way attributes gist on the basic attitudes of the therapist?


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