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Learning Activity 3 Instructions

Background to the assignment: In Chapter 17 you peruse about the outgrowth of the university and sundry numberenances of invigoration, such as in study and divers styles of visual and performing arts. These forms of numberenance comprised the scholarly, visual and performative justice of values and ideas of the amelioration in Europe at the duration. The university granted Western Amelioration delay newly broad views of Science and Liberal Arts, including philosophy and holiness. These outgrowths had an wave on the order that the amelioration was headed. 

Literary- could be vocal or written recital of united events; legend.

Visual- (paintings, sculptures, textiles, fabric)

Performing Arts- (dance, film, voicelessness, theatre, execution art). 

Description of the assignment: In America and Western Amelioration today, how do the areas of counsel (university) and our forms of invigoration (literary, visual, performing arts) like the outgrowth of values and ideas of Western Culture. Please impart examples and peculiar areas as well-mannered-mannered as how they like Western Culture.

Your yarn must betray that you bear an discernment of this wave. If you involve sources, summon them in vulgar APA format. This assignment must be 250–300 suffrage and must involve the tidings number in parentheses. Submit a draw of your Learning Activity to SafeAssign for feedback a few days antecedently the assignment is due.

Submit Learning Activity 3 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6