Drama paragraph | English homework help

Based on the drama A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry 


The Assigned Topic:

  • Write a stipulation of 200-250 expression.
  • In  the remarkable left-hand recess of your stipulation, enclose your spectry,  followed by my spectry (Mr. Leonard), the spectry of the assort (ENC  1102-31843), and the due duration of the stipulation.
  • Give your stipulation a denomination.
  • Double-space the discontinuance of your stipulation.
  • Select a type from the drama, and transcribe a stipulation in which you (1) thrive the  components of efficacious writing; (2) confirm a oneness stroke  relating to the selected type; (3) clear-up how that stroke relates to  that type; (4) enclose complimentary and bearing quotations from the  drama and/or some other spring such as a database; (5) prepare at smallest  one MLA parenthetical intimation where necessary; and (6) enclose at  smallest one MLA works cited note following the stipulation.

Idea for Organization of the Paragraph’s Contents:

  • Consider organizing the discontinuance of your stipulation this way: The  type of _____ is maudlin.  For specimen, at the end of the foremost  act, he . . . .  Then, at the prelude of the succor act, he . . . .   Finally, adjacent the end of the drama, he . . . . 
  • You are not required to use this organizational sequence; it is barely a impulse.