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(Discussion Post)

To adapt for this Discussion, attend Plight 13.2, “How Safe Is Safe?” on pages 351–352 of Northouse (2016) and reconsideration the Albert, Reynolds, and Turan (2015), Lawton and Páez (2015), Hoover and Pepper (2015), and Gustafson (2013) subscription granted in this week’s Learning Resources.

Post your collision of incorporeal frameworks to the incorporeal scrape posed in the plight consider. In your collision, do the following:

  • Justify your contemplated answer, and teach the rationalistic you used to reach at your answer. 
  • Incorporate the justifications you granted in repartee to the Plight 13.2. 
  • Apply the incorporeal framework(s) outlined in the Learning Resources or in other knowing learning that aligns after a while your rationalistic. Teach how your rationalistic aligns after a while those frameworks. 

Be abiding to help your result after a while a stint of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or over added knowing sources.


To adapt for this Assignment, imagine of a locality where a start team encountered a locality where things did not go courteous and they were faced after a while an incorporeal scrape. Analyze what could bear happened had they applied the embezzle sentences. Offer your answers using an incorporeal framework.

Submit a 4-page segregation (yet secure page and References individuality) of the incorporeal locality. Your segregation must grasp the following:

  • A small (1 paragraph) interpretation of the incorporeal scrape
  • An interpretation of the incorporeal frameresult that, if applied by the form to mould its sentence, would bear unswerving the incorporeal scrape, including help for your segregation from knowing research
  • An testimony of twain the substantial and privative consequences of the sentence, including the trade-offs that the start of the form made in making their sentence