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Discussion (transcribe environing 300 term each)


Is Amazon a appropriation?  What's the advantages of a appropriation?  What are some disclaiming property from appropriation on the administration?

Do you continually yield after a while Amazon?  If so, why or why not?  What are some competitive advantages Amazon has balance other transmitted companies such as Walmart and Target?  

Remember "Borders" and "Circuit City"?  Which other companies do you hold that are to-boot at risk due to race from Amazon?




Would you be desirous to buy this GREAT room at $250,000?  Do you hold tshort are mob who are desirous to buy this room at this figure?  What are some of the chaffer forces implicated in this predicament?  What are the insist and yield factors in play short?  Use what you well-informed environing the insist and yield shifter to exculpation this doubt.

Below is over fresh proceeding from San Francisco.  It's approximately inclose the figure collate to the London room.



3- What stipulations that makes the chicken diligence oligopoly?  Do you hold this is a sharp resolution by Costco to discipline its own chicken?  What idea of challenges and risks do you hold posse earn countenance?

Have you or do you recognize anyone who works in Costco?  Do you enjoy the Costco chicken?  Do you enjoy Costco in open?  What peel of chaffer make do you hold Costco is untrammelled beneath?  What advantages does Costco adduce to its customers?