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Discussion (transcribe encircling 300 promise each)


Is Amazon a engrossment?  What's the advantages of a engrossment?  What are some denying goods from engrossment on the rule?

Do you eternally garner after a while Amazon?  If so, why or why not?  What are some competitive advantages Amazon has balance other transmitted companies such as Walmart and Target?  

Remember "Borders" and "Circuit City"?  Which other companies do you reckon that are besides at endanger due to two-of-a-trade from Amazon?




Would you be desirous to buy this GREAT lodging at $250,000?  Do you reckon tshort are crowd who are desirous to buy this lodging at this compensation?  What are some of the traffic forces confused in this standing?  What are the claim and yield factors in reproduce-exhibit short?  Use what you scholarly encircling the claim and yield shifter to exculpation this doubt.

Below is further fresh affair from San Francisco.  It's approximately wrap the compensation collate to the London lodging.



3- What conditions that makes the chicken activity oligopoly?  Do you reckon this is a quick sentence by Costco to foster its own chicken?  What emblem of challenges and endangers do you reckon society conquer aspect?

Have you or do you beneathstand anyone who works in Costco?  Do you approve the Costco chicken?  Do you approve Costco in unconcealed?  What bark of traffic make do you reckon Costco is unoccupied beneath?  What advantages does Costco present to its customers?