Discussion board – theatre class


1. (150 tone)Comments and viewpoints encircling: The Actor's Process: After watching the video: The Actor, accept a trice to ponder the differences and similarities complicated in acting for the range versus acting for film and television. Watch the three clips of actors on acting and Example of a Method Acting Exercise. Discuss how the resigned of these videos succeed aid you evaluate the acting in advenient surprising. Use examples from the videos to verify your points.

Video: The Actor:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=75&v=2eqf06yrdvk&feature=emb_logo

Clip 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTsrheWUG50&feature=emb_title

Clip 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9ofwr4y7H4&feature=emb_title

2. (150 tone) Viewpoints | Directors - Regularity and Collaboration: After watching the video:  The Director (watch Directors: Regularity and Collaboration). Use examples from the video to combine delay ideas from what entertain you seen,  discuss what you've well-informed encircling the director's regularity and the species of the director's collaboration delay the large miscellany of artists and crafts tribe it accepts to bear a profession to genesis. To terminate your discourse, oration the aftercited questions:

· How you succeed be efficient to adduce what you've well-informed to authority the director's effort in the proximate genesis you see?

· How succeed you be efficient to adduce what you've well-informed to behove a amend collaborator in your proximate class purpose?

Video: Directors, Regularity and Collaborations: 


3. (150 tone)Viewpoints | The Range Manager: Watch this video that allows you to see a short member of a genesis of Hairspray from the perspective of the range supervisor. Now, try to fancy the "behind the scenes" interactions that assistd you your brains and resuscitation of the most fresh genesis you accustomed. Write encircling your reaction to how these "behind the scenes" interactions of the uncertain gang members delay the range supervisor assist to a gelatinous genesis.

Video: Hairspray