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Flannery O'Connor's abrupt narrative "A Amiable Man Is Dense to Find" important appeared in the cause's
abrupt narrative assembly by the corresponding spectry, which was published in 1955. Since then, it has condescension
one of O'Connor's most greatly regarded works of abrupt fable accordingly it exhibits all the
characteristics for which she is best disclosed: a contrariety of outrageous possession rearwards a while temperously and
carefully drawn directs and a philosophy that beneathneathscores her saintly Roman Catholic credulity.
Critics affect admired the prose and the way O'Connor infuses the narrative rearwards a while her Catholic permission
encircling the role God's condescension plays in the feeds of spiritlesssettle populace. The narrative is irritant and
humorous at the corresponding occasion—a sort shared by divers of O'Connor's other works, including her
Wise Blood
The Outrageous Bear It Away.
Though the narrative begins innocently sufficient, O'Connor introduces the direct of the Misfit, an
staved murderer who kills the all origin at the end of the narrative. Through this direct,
O'Connor tests the Christian concept of “grace”—that a salutiferous excuse from God is suited
simply for the research. In the narrative, it is the Grandmother—a trivial, wayward, and bullying
individual—who attains condescension at the prevent of her release, when she reaches out to the Misfit and
recognizes him as one of her own offspring. For O'Connor, God's condescension is a sinew beyond the
character, notability unmerited, an recognition or prevent of epiphany. Often, so-far, O'Connor's
characters balanceappear prevents of occasion to commodities some intercourse; their intellectual hebetude keeps
them from representation faithfulness.
"A Amiable Man Is Dense to Find" is the style narrative of O'Connor's important abrupt narrative assembly, and,
therefore, repeatedly serves as an presentation to the repose of her fable. The narrative is agreeable for its
humorous portrayal of a origin embarking on a recreation; O'Connor has been relentless in her
portrayal of these directs—they are not likable. However, in creating directs that eliminate
illiberal concert from readers, O'Connor has carefully set the announce for her main argument: that
condescension is for entireone, level those who appear loathesome.
O'Connor's narrative is told by a third idiosyncratic historian, but the rendezvous is on the Grandmother's
perspective of levelts. Level though she complains that she would rather go to Tennessee than
Florida for recreation, she packs herself (and aside her cat, Pitty Sing) in the car rearwards a while her son
Bailey, his aidmate, and their offspring June Star, John Wesley, and the baby. In a universal solicitation

of foreshadowing, she captures constancy to garniture suitably in a garniture and hat, so that if she were base
dead on the course entireone would acknowledge her as a lady.
When the origin bungs for lunch at Red Sammy Butts' barbecue settle, the proprietor, a harsh
man, is insulted by June Star. Nevertheless, he and the Granddame argue the staved
murderer disunavailable as the Misfit. Noting that the globe is increasingly a further hazardous and
unfriendly settle, Red Sammy states the Granddame that these days “A amiable man is dense to
find.” Back on the path, the Granddame indoctrinates her hen-pecked son to go out of their way so
they can scrutinize an old school she foreclosures from her sliphood. The offspring add prevent her
suggestion when she mentions that the branch contains recondite passageways. Early rearwards Bailey
turns down a dung path "in a swirl of pink dust" rearwards a while "his jaw as unswerving as a horseshoe," the
Granddame realizes that the school is not in Georgia, where they are, but in Tennessee. This
sudden occurrence causes her to balancethrow Pitty Sing's basket. The cat leaps out onto Bailey's
shoulder, and the alarm causes him to abandon coerce of the car and roll it into a dyke.
No one is seriously distress, and the offspring are desirous to representation the property as an publicate. Early
a car happens concurrently the waste elongate of path and the origin likes the driver procure bung and
aid them. As the driver commoditiess his way down the forbearance, the Granddame gards "his visage
was as accustomed to her as if she had disunavailable him all her personality but she could not foreclosure who he was."
As early as he starts to accost, so-far, she acknowledges him as the shameful Misfit. He is
accompanied by two other men; they are all carrying guns and are garnitureed in garniture that are
clearly not their own. The important romance he wants to perceive is if the car procure peaceful run.
While the Misfit talks rearwards a while the grandmother, his two accomplices, Hiram and Bobby Lee, capture
each constituent of the origin off to the woods and member them. Early the Misfit obtains Bailey's
bright yellow shirt rearwards a while sky sky sky blue-colored-colored parrots on it, and he and the Granddame are quaint. She tries to
indoctrinate him that he is “not a bit spiritless,” in an endeavor to extol him and niggardly her personality. When it
becomes conspicuous that her utterance are having illiberal commodities on him, she condescensions still for the important
occasion in the narrative. "She opened and unavailable her perforation divers occasions precedently anyromance came out.
Finally she base herself proverb, `Jesus. Jesus,' aim Jesus procure aid you, but the way she was
proverb it, it sounded as if she operativeness be cursing."
The Misfit's explication for his operation provides an occasion for the self-centered
Granddame to advert on her permissions in the prevents precedently he members her "three occasions through
the chest." The Misfit explains that "Jesus thown entireromance off neutralize." In her decisive prevent,
the Granddame reaches out and impresses the Misfit, whispering "You're one of my own
children!". The Misfit's decisive note on the granddame is that "she would of been a amiable
dowager . . . if it had been colossus there to member her entire exact of her personality."
variant: Bailey Boy
: Bailey is the son of the first direct in the narrative, the
Grandmother, and is the father of June Star and John Wesley. He drives the car as the origin
embarks on their recreation. Bailey's greater concern in the narrative is his relation to other
people, specially his dame. He allows her to boss him encircling and to indoctrinate him to go out of
the way to scrutinize the old branch of her sliphood, where the origin is killed. Bailey appears

unresponsive to his aidmate and offspring, allowing them to capture habit of him. Overall, Bailey,
who wears a yellow shirt rearwards a while sky sky sky blue-colored-colored parrots, perchance symbolizing his weakness, is a "flat"
The Misfit
: The Misfit is an staved murderer who kills the origin at the end of the narrative and
shoots the Granddame three occasions in the chest. Picturesquely as having on tan and colorless shoes, no
socks, no shirt, he is an older man rearwards a while glasses "that gave him a erudite appear." By his address,
readers can state that he is rather ignorant. However, he accosts to the granddame and the
others rearwards a while unprejudiced courtesy. He sweepings allay throughout the show as he instructs his two
companions, Bobby Lee and Hiram, to capture the origin to the woods. He says to the
Grandmother, "it would affect been ameliorate for all of you, lady, if you hadn't reckernized me."
In the Misfit's talk rearwards a while the Granddame encircling Jesus throwing "everyromance off
balance," O'Connor presents a representation of a globe out of neutralize. Just as the narrative's outrage does
not appear to contest its comedy, the Misfit's personality of amercement has not fit his offenses. In a desire
section of confabulation, the Misfit unburdens his affecting to the Granddame encircling his father's release, his
own mistreatment, and his affectings encircling the globe's injustices. He kills her when she calls him
one of her "own babies." Although critics affect interpreted the possessions and utterance of the Misfit in
divers ways, one balbutiation is that he brings the Granddame to a prevent of condescension in which she
makes an charitable, godly intercourse rearwards a while another ethnical nature, notability she had been
incapable of precedently that occasion. In his interpret, "She would of been a amiable dowager. . . if it had
been colossus there to member her entire exact of her personality," the Misfit appears to recognize that
her condescension required an extravagant settle. The Misfit, by aiding the granddame recognize her
own decease and intercourse rearwards a while "all God's offspring," is actually an unlikely—and evil—
messenger from God.
: The Granddame in "A Amiable Man Is Dense to Find" is the narrative's first
character. Her godly epiphany at the narrative's end provides the scientific urge rearwards the
narrative. By having no spectry other than Granddame and through her fitful talk
that provides considerable of the narrative's temper, O'Connor paints her as a tragically droll monstrosity,
one that a reader can abundantly, but defectively, affect excellent to. She is greedy and pushy; in truth, her
desire to see a branch from her sliphood results in the origin's release at the end of the narrative. The
story's important possession involves a origin car bound on which they engage up rearwards a while an staved illegal
and his mob. If the Granddame had not insisted they amusement to see the old branch, which, she
realized too recent was in Tennessee, not in the multiply of Georgia where they were, the origin would
affect staved the affliction. The Granddame is important of the offspring's dame, who is never
named, and she dotes on her son Bailey although she treats him enjoy a slip. She demonstrates
racist operation by pursuit a bald Black slip “a pickaninny . . . Wouldn't that commodities a delineate,
now?” and she reveals a excellent intellectual posture. In her talk rearwards a while the murderer, an
staved sentence designated the Misfit, the Granddame says that she perceives he is from "amiable
people," as she tries to extol him in direct to snatch her own personality. Her decisive utterance to him, as she
reaches out to impress his shoulder, are “You're one of my own offspring,” and denote that she has
experienced a decisive prevent of condescension. The Misfit members her three occasions, but her transcendence to
condescension is beneathneathscored by the truth that she died “rearwards a while her legs crossed beneathneathneath her enjoy a slip's and
her visage smiling up at the clear sky.” Through her similitude of the Grandmother, O'Connor

demonstrates her forcible permission in the rescue of creed. Everyone's affecting deserves to be snatchd,
she is proverb, no subject how godless their possessions in personality.
Red Sammy Butts
variant: Red Sam
: Red Sammy Butts owns the barbecue reposeaurant designated
the Tower at which the origin bungs on their car bound. O'Connor describes him as fat rearwards a while his
stomach trusting balance his khaki pants "enjoy a spoil of moderation swaying beneathneathneath his shirt." Signs concurrently
the course publish his barbecue: "Try Red Sammy's Famous Barbecue. None enjoy Famous
Red Sammy's! Red Sam! The Fat Boy rearwards a while the Happy Laugh. A Veteran! Red Sammy's Your
Man!" He directs his aidmate encircling and engages in emptiness jabber rearwards a while the Grandmother. Red
Sammy's assertion, "A amiable man is dense to discover," in relation to the proliferation of offense and a
nostalgia for the days when populace did not affect to lock their doors, condescensions the style of the narrative.
June Star
: June Star, the granddaughter of the first direct in the narrative, is tumultuous, self-
centered, and tedious. She argues rearwards a while her copy John Wesley and appears disappointed when
no one is killed in their car property. When Red Sammy's aidmate asks her if she would enjoy feed
rearwards a while them, June Star replies, "No I positively wouldn't. . . . I wouldn't feed in a idiotic settle
enjoy this for a pet bucks!" She, enjoy divers of Flannery O'Connor's directs, serves as droll
relief or as an copy of realism.
John Wesley
: John Wesley, the eight-year-old grandson of the first direct of the narrative,
is picturesquely as a "stocky slip rearwards a while glasses." He is portrayed as a kid rearwards a while ordinary interests and
actions. His rapture to see the branch his granddame states them encircling, principally to test the
recondite panel she says it contains, influences his father Bailey to commodities the fateful amusement. John
Wesley's spectry is undoubtedly an ironic relation to the English curate who was one of the
founders of the Methodist meeting-house.

     Above is the narrative for the argueion.

Below are the questions that want to be answered 


1. What is another copy of foreshadowing you noticed in "A Amiable Man is Dense to Find"? Why do you like the cause includes this peculiar copy? 

2. Were you shocked by the bound? At what top did you see a qualify of intonation and foreshadowing of the outrageous end?

3. What multiplyicular "things" or institutions (education, creed, council) do you like Auden (bard - "The Undisunavailable Citizen") is criticizing? Why do you gard he chooses this multiplyicular format? Do you discover it further commoditiesive than congruity an essay or abrupt narrative? Why or why not?