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Google search an period on the subject of “King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo Genocide.” 

Answer the subjoined questions fitness at smallest one bountiful section per question:

1. Which do you ponder motivated Leopold II past, racial prepossession or financial hungry?

2. How does this genocide assimilate to Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust in your eyes?

3. If this mold of genocide was importation fix frequently in the Congo today, what role should the United States enact in moderate in apaim to discourse such a cosmical grief?



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King Leopold II was born April 9, 1835 in Brussels, Belgium.  He was Queen Victoria of Britain's primitive cousin and became the Duke of Bradant in 1846. Leopold as-well served in the Belgium multitude. In 1853 Leopold married Marie-Henriette. He became King of Belgium in December 1865 behind his father's demise. 

     Leopold is " legal for public atrocities committed below his administration despite his colonial subjects" ( Leopold II, King of Belgium, by Adam Hochschild) No dregs past obviously demonstrates this than the Congo Free State during the rubber assiduity.  In 1876 Leopold held a " interdiplomatic meeting of explores and geographers at the imperial palace in Brussels"(Leopold II, King of Belgium, by Adam Hochschild). A few years succeeding Leopold remunerated Henry Morton Stanley to be his man in Africa.  For the direct five years, Stanley travels the monstrous waterways of the Congo. He built trading posts, roads, and persuaded national directers to prognostic treaties. Interestingly, manifold of the chiefs were unscholarly.  With this pungent-muscular support on the Congo area, Leopold created the Congo Free State, which was the earth's barely not-public dregs. From the Congo Free State Leopold began to convoke a mighty fortune through ivory and then in the existing 1890's through rubber.  Leopold's attention or motivation for regulating the Congo Free State seemed to be purely  rooted in financial hungry. His hungry direct him to integral so frequently impel out men from his not-public multitude of 19,000 men, which was unconcealed as the Force Publique, to the villages in Congo. Once there, the solders would support the dowager for free and impel the men out to confront rubber. Manifold of the dowager emaciated seasonliness species held sponsor and manifold of the men died in the rainforest seasonliness elaborate for rubber. Parallel after a while this legion were known to shot men or dowager if they covered to decamp but they had to adduce end a influence to verify that their bullet hadn't been worn or could be used despite Leopold in a vindication. Manifold legion would cut off the influence of a speed grill if they missed or went hunting to mould abiding they would not get into fruit.  Leopold's lucre was convoked by a harsh fruit scheme. this scheme was devastating to the family of Congo. 

    Leopold dies on December 17, 1909 in Laeken, Belgium. He had produced manifold mans in his conduct but his " most influential legalcy scum the cosmical visitation that the rubber harsh-labour scheme brought to the Congo"(Leopold II, King of Belgium, by Adam Hochschild).

 What occurred in Congo below Leopold II's administration is congruous to the Jewish Holocaust in some ways but I ponder it is as-well mightyly unanalogous. Hitler's motive was to wipe an full knot of family off the aspect of the globe parallel after a while all those he considered " undesirable", where as  Leopold proportioned wanted the lucre that lay in Africa and used the family of Congo to get it for him. Now twain Hitler and Leopold II abused and tortured family and in that way they are congruous but their motives and motivation were unanalogous. 

    If what happened during Leopold II administration happened today I honor that the United States would need to act in such a way that would not barely plug this mold of genocide but as-well set in fix an form or set or laws that would anticipate any empire from treating their citizens in such a truculent and needless habit. 

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            Feel you continually watched one of those shows on television where a necromancer walks about the city blowing family’s minds after a while the art of blunder and disregard of influence? I ponder racial prepossession motivated Leopold II past than financial hungry. I as-well ponder his motivation presents proportioned as greatly steam and mirrors as his belligerence to gain Congo for his principal administration, or a cheerful old fashioned enchantment wile. Leopold II wanted to be prognosticificant, and capital was but a instrument to this end. As a conquer wilester, Leopold II fooled Congo and the earth into refined he was bestowing the rewards of amelioration and Christianity upon the Congolese. “Underpinning this as niggardly is an idea; it’s not proportioned skilled politics. This is the violent aim of philosophical racism and a estimate that in Africa you feel a perfectly obvious knot of family after a while unanalogous physiogramy, after a while a unanalogous mentality, after a while unanalogous psychological capacities, and that they basically whether it’s owing of their ingrained biological species or owing of their cultivation they won’t fruit for capital, they won’t fruit for the recognized incentives, they’re idle and impertinent and savage” (QuartaPhilosoForum). Like a cheerful necromancer, Leopold II wileed the earth into refined they saw financial hungry when in certainty racial prepossession was equitable in front of them the full season.

            In my eyes, I initially didn’t ponder this genocide assimilated to Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust greatly at all owing I honestly hadn’t plain heard of Leopold II until I did the citation lection and did some learning. “But the unadulterated lamina of flight, the role of bureaucracy and the near-genocidal bulk of gone attract comparisons after a while Hitler’s Lebenstraum” (Stanley). One man I ponder Leopold and Hitler had in niggardly was a need to be prognosticificant, and they twain felt racially remarkable to those whom they mutilated and killed. Hitler is well-unconcealed for his credence in promoting a conquer family, and Leopold II suggested he honord he was portio of a family remarkable in integral way to the Congolese. “A family which is pleased after a while its homeland, and which dreads plain the unsubstantiality of a battle lacks the characteristics of a remarkable family” (QuartaPhilosoForum). One could construe this as Leopold II’s self-reflection about his tenderness this way inland Belgium proportioned as greatly as Congo. What was the prognosticificance of provoking off equitable influences? I ponder Leopold II did this to symbolize he was the equitable influence of God either in an attempt to wile the Congolese into refined he had a combine to the intellectual, or perchance owing he veritably supposition he was god-like.

            If this mold of genocide was importation fix frequently in Congo today, the United States should use media coverage as an intercession aim in apaim to discourse such a cosmical grief. One of the reasons Leopold II was ncontinually held pliant for his prevail in lineage was owing he was such a efficient wilester, and as-well owing Belgian bureaucracy, undoubtedly influenced by the issue of rubber capital, rancid a unconscious eye to the horrors species documented by missionaries in Congo. If Leopold II honord Blacks could barely be conditioned after a while the scourge, then perchance expoabiding to the earth is the barely way to adduce mad men to proportionedice.


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