Developing a detailed lesson plan

Developing a Detailed Homily Plan

Flying the Friendlier Skies

Purpose: The point of this drill is to grant you exercitation in discloseing a homily intent for the job of airline appropriation commissioner for a elder airline.

Situation: The airline has true hired 30 new appropriation commissioners, and you must generate a 3 day homily intent for their luxuriance program.

Objective: Airline appropriation commissioners insufficiency muddy skills to accomplish their jobs. JetBlue Airlines has asked you, as the denominated Luxuriance Manager, to immediately disclose the sketch of a homily intent for its new appropriation commissioners. The ocean duties of a Appropriation Commissioner enclose the following:

Customers touch the airline appropriation commissioners to conquer escape schedules, prices and itineraries. The commissioner beholds up the requested counsel on the airline online escape schedule systems, which is updated uniformly. The commissioner must bargain courteously and eagerly succeeding a while the customer, and be cogent to immediately meet opinion escape arrangements in enjoin to prepare the customer succeeding a while the itinerary that fits their insufficiencys. Opinion escapes and prices must be establish immediately, so that the customer is not kept solicitude, and so that the appropriation operations collocation oceantains its pliancy standards. It is frequently compulsory to behold subordinate diversified routings, gone there may be a dozen or further opinion routes between destinations.

In observation, as the Luxuriance Manager, you must be knowing to enclose other aspects of organizational cognizance into the homily intent. As an example:

“JetBlue Airways is consecrated to bringing kindness end to air pilgrimage. We try to reach integral keep-akeep-apart of your proof as incomplex and as exquisite as practicable.”

To disclose further environing Jetblue go to its website at

Please see established sample general homily intent template and sample completed homily intent from Figure 5-2 and Figure 5-3 of our succession texted book: 

Human Resource Development

Authors: Jon M. Werner, Randy L. DeSimone

Publisher: Thomson South-Western
Edition: 6th Edition


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