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Definition Topic Essay Assignment


Write a 1,500-1,750-word essay using five to seven academic resources in which you evidence that a contested “case” involving the sale, occupation, or abatement of ethnical organs fits (or does not fit) amid a abandoned kind. A fact may involve a unfair tidings time, romance, or bright illustrating a scrape or bickering relating to the change of ethnical organs. The fact does not demand to be a pursue fact. 


Follow these steps when composing your essay: 

1. Start by selecting a controversial fact endow in the media involving the sale, occupation, or abatement of ethnical organs. For model, an delayhold fact command involve a romance in the tidings environing an organ broker, and the expression to fix command be “criminal.” 

2. Decide what kind you fancy your fact belongs in, delay the brains that others may dissimilate delay you environing the restriction of your kind, and/or whether your separated fact paires your kind. 

3. In the start of your essay, form-known the fact you conciliate criticize and dumbfounder your restriction interrogation. Do not solely incorporate short. Instead, form-known the effect and propose treatment.

4. To living your topic, fix the boundaries of your kind (criteria) by using a habitually used restriction or by enucleateing your own large restriction. Defining your boundaries solely instrument naming the criteria by which you conciliate sift-canvass your separated fact involving the sale, occupation, or abatement of ethnical organs. If you determine, for model, that an organ broker is a immoral, what criteria depute this? A immoral may intentionally detriment others, which could be one of your criteria.

5. In the cooperate sunder of your topic (the pair), demonstration how your fact converges (or does not converge) your restriction criteria. Perhaps by comparing or sizing up your controversial fact to other facts can acceleration you to enucleate your topic. 

This essay is NOT solely a persuasive essay on the sale, occupation, or abatement of ethnical organs. It is an topicative essay wshort the writer explains what a expression instrument and uses a unfair fact to study the signification of that expression in profoundness.

First Drain Grading

· You conciliate entertain drift points for the primary drain domiciled upon the happy inferiority of a total drain. 

· Because your primary drain is a drift pace, do not suppose that this pace reflects or predicts the last pace. If you do not ponder your instructor’s comments, you may be deducted points on your last drain. 


· Involve in-quotation citations and a references page in GCU Style for FIVE to SEVEN versed sources beyond of assort quotations.

· These sources should be used to living any claims you form and should be introduce in the quotation of the essay. 

· Use the GCU Library to acceleration you invent sources.

· Involve this learning in the monograph in a versed deportment.




· Must by delay near than 5%

 Thesis Statements

Will demand to be written at the floor at the monograph so.