Current events application paper | English homework help

The Present Events Application Tract resembles the Crucial Segregation in its guidelines (grading rubrique pasted underneath). The dissimilarity close is that I’m research you to embody and/or concretize the main sharp-ends from a present tidings item communication after a while some sight of globalization in Africa. Ideally, the themes cranky upon in the tidings narrative should somehow intersect after a while themes in our speculative or fictional lections.

I’m research you to mine your tidings narrative from a *reliable* on-line origin (no Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers, delight). Suggested sites that you may confront useful:

Use merely these three websites as a resource 

an model is attached 

Please thrive the phraseology in the model

This tract should be 2-3 pages, typed and double-spaced, in which you afford a abridgment and segregation of a assured on-line tidings word communication after a while some sight of globalization in Africa. Delight do supply references for trodden quotations, of career (either MLA or Chicago Style), as courteous as a decent Works Cited page. Each quotation regularity has decent ways of doing this, so let me perceive if you’re not strong environing how to go environing that.

Due limit via the Canvas portal: Monday, July 18, at 11:59 pm. 




Grading rubrique:

_____ / 20 Structure: Evident, understandable, misapply. Excellent transitions from sharp-end to sharp-end. Paragraphs foundation strong subject-matter sentences. 

_____ / 40 Use of textual testimony and key terms: Primary origin counsel used to subsistence total sharp-end after a while at lowest one model. Examples foundation statements and fit after a whilein paragraph. Excellent integration of quoted esthetic into sentences. Demonstrates an in-depth mind of the ideas in the assigned lection and crucially evaluates/responds to those ideas in an analytical, supplicatory habit.

_____ / 30 Analysis, logic, plea, and topication: Work displays crucial thinking. All ideas in the tract stream logically; the topic is identifiable, culm, and gauge. Creates misapply college-level, academic character. May inure up to two conversant origins (MLA or Chicago Phraseology format). Has headings, in-text quotations, and page gum. Uses lection skills.

_____ / 10 Mechanics: Sentence edifice, language, and expression excellent; emend use of punctuation and quotation phraseology; minimal to no spelling errors.