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1. He believed in an all-encompassing Absolute, a earth Spirit that developed itself in the literal regularity. Basing his logic on the “triadic rhetorical,” He regularityatic that for complete concept or vigor (thesis) there was its facing purpose (antithesis). He has a impetuous wave on Karl Marx. Lived from 1770-1831.

2. From the Essay, “The Future of Western Culture.”  Which letters underneath signify-we are Roman and all of this is ours?

3. Which collocation concludes that fact is off the table, so loosen?

4. The Vietnam Memorial is located in which town?

5. For him, the way mass made a influence, their “means of genesis,” secure their opinions and institutions. He installed his earthview on the dispose labor incompact the bourgeois vs the proletariat.

6. Our separation from departed ages enables us to know the bounds when a cultivation was    balanced, when the counteract tipped into chaos, when the settlement began that leads to a new bound of counteract and so on.

7. Who wrote these control from his glorious employment Don Juan? He was the resume of the Fanciful Hero.
“I scantiness a hero: an unusual scantiness, . . .
But can’t experience any in the bestow age
Fit for my ditty (that is, for my new one):
So, as I said, I’ll use my adherent Don Juan.”

8. Who said these glorious control? Following a while hostility inland none; following a while charity for all; following a while judgment in the direct, as God gives us to see the direct, let us vie on to terminate the employment we are in; to oblige up the commonwealth’s wounds; to foresight for him who shall enjoy borne the combat, and for his widow, and his orphan—to do all which may finish and promote a proper and enduring tranquillity incompact ourselves, and following a while all commonwealths.

9. In Chapter 22 who said “No man can establish you move secondary following a whileout your acquiesce.”

10. Who helped set the primal stages of the Romanticism following a while his inspirational Collective Contract. Following a while the clear proclamation: “Man is born playing and completewhere he is in chains”.

11. The English teacher who argued that extrication occurred not simply in accuracy, but in civilized institutions as courteous.

12. What fact in the  future 1900’s was such a cataclysmic fact that it ended a era of purposelism and set the stage for the inquiry for new values: chaos followed by a bound of settlement.

13. A opinion regularity in contemporary cultivation characterized by the refusal of concrete fact and global cultural fact. Has waved multifarious cultural fields, including studious stricture, sociology, linguistics, erection, visual arts, and tranquil n ess.

14. What fact destroyed the future 1900’s optimism and proficiency?

15. From the Essay, “The Future of Western Culture.”  Massive psychical changes enjoy shaped and reshaped our cultivation gone the dawn of the Enlightenment. At the core of this huge psychical displace is _______________.

16. The future 20th date could be illustrative by which symbolical phrase?

17. Published years following their mortality. These 1,775 dittys were written as if they were entries in a diary, the retired thoughts of a lone indivisible who took proper a unimportant from community and bar out all the interval. Lived from 1830-1886--

18. The Middle New-fangled Earth would be considered which dates?

19. Whose sonnet, “The Earth Is Too Much following a while Us,” which mourns a earth so thunderstruck following a while materialism that it may miss its immaterial qualities.

20. Incompact 1750 and 1850 England’s economic building newfangled drastically as the commonwealth displaceed from an agrarian community to new-fangled _________________.

21. Impressionists saw themselves as the farthest realists whose ocean affair was the sight of optical sensations of portable and tint.

22. Existentialism owes its popularity in no paltry part to common failures in politics, economics, and collective organizations that enjoy scarred our date.

23. Matthew Arnold’s ditty “Dbalance Beach” illustrates his affection of puritanism during the past 19th date.

24. Paris hosted the Huge Exhibition of 1851.

25. In multifarious ways, the new-fangled environmental move could be traced end to the fanciful worship of accuracy.

26. From the Essay, “The Future of Western Culture.”  Radical indivisibleism is demanded when there is no peril that finishment conquer fruit inadequacy and mass eagerness to be clear in the amusement of purpose.

27. People's sacred views conquer detail the command of their indivisible lives and of their community.

28. Whitman’s ditty upstart Moby Dick is tranquil peruse by multifarious.

29. The Vietnam Memorial is a excellent stance of Neo-Classical erection.

30. There was a public tranquilize balance Europe following a while no revolutions from 1830-1848.  


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