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1. He believed in an all-encompassing Absolute, a universe Spirit that developed itself in the literal rule. Basing his logic on the “triadic logical,” He stated that for every concept or security (thesis) there was its antagonistic effect (antithesis). He has a hale swing on Karl Marx. Lived from 1770-1831.

2. From the Essay, “The Future of Western Culture.”  Which learning under signify-we are Roman and all of this is ours?

3. Which knot concludes that exactness is off the board, so unstring?

4. The Vietnam Memorial is located in which town?

5. For him, the way vulgar made a patronage, their “means of disconnection,” enumerated their admissions and institutions. He established his universeview on the arrange pains between the bourgeois vs the proletariat.

6. Our length from recent ages enables us to descry the ends when a amelioration was    balanced, when the pit tipped into chaos, when the compound began that leads to a new end of pit and so on.

7. Who wrote these tone from his celebrated product Don Juan? He was the resume of the Fanciful Hero.
“I shortness a hero: an singular shortness, . . .
But can’t confront any in the bestow age
Fit for my strain (that is, for my new one):
So, as I said, I’ll choose my adherent Don Juan.”

8. Who said these celebrated tone? Delay hatred toward none; delay benevolence for all; delay judgment in the lawful, as God gives us to see the lawful, let us contest on to accomplish the product we are in; to cessationrain up the state’s wounds; to solicitude for him who shall entertain borne the fight, and for his widow, and his orphan—to do all which may cwaste and comfort a impartial and durable harmony discurrent ourselves, and delay all states.

9. In Chapter 22 who said “No man can compel you impress minor delayout your agree.”

10. Who helped set the moderate classs of the Romanticism delay his inspirational Political Contract. Delay the sonorous proclamation: “Man is born frank and everywhere he is in chains”.

11. The English teacher who argued that disconnection occurred not simply in faithfulness, but in civilized institutions as well-behaved.

12. What incident in the  coming 1900’s was such a cataclysmic incident that it ended a era of effectlism and set the class for the inquiry for new values: chaos followed by a end of compound.

13. A admission rule in coeval amelioration characterized by the postponement of external exactness and global cultural narrative. Has swingd multifarious cultural fields, including scholarly stricture, sociology, linguistics, construction, visual arts, and silence.

14. What incident destroyed the coming 1900’s optimism and proceeding?

15. From the Essay, “The Future of Western Culture.”  Massive psychical changes entertain shaped and reshaped our amelioration gone the dawn of the Enlightenment. At the character of this excellent psychical change is _______________.

16. The coming 20th antiquity could be described by which figurative turn?

17. Published years succeeding their dissolution. These 1,775 strains were written as if they were entries in a diary, the privy thoughts of a lone peculiar who took impartial a sunconsidered from community and cwaste out all the cessation. Lived from 1830-1886--

18. The Middle Existent Universe would be considered which dates?

19. Whose sonnet, “The Universe Is Too Much delay Us,” which mourns a universe so dumbfounded delay materialism that it may waste its immaterial qualities.

20. Between 1750 and 1850 England’s economic edifice transitional drastically as the state changeed from an agrarian community to existent _________________.

21. Impressionists saw themselves as the conclusive realists whose ocean institution was the cognizance of optical sensations of unconsidered and hue.

22. Existentialism owes its popularity in no inferior portio to common failures in politics, economics, and political organizations that entertain scarred our antiquity.

23. Matthew Arnold’s strain “Dbalance Beach” illustrates his benevolence of puritanism during the recent 19th antiquity.

24. Paris hosted the Excellent Exhibition of 1851.

25. In multifarious ways, the existent environmental motion could be traced tail to the fanciful reverence of faithfulness.

26. From the Essay, “The Future of Western Culture.”  Radical specificism is demanded when there is no peril that closement conciliate result imparity and vulgar effort to be at-liberty in the whim of purpose.

27. People's devout views conciliate enumerate the command of their specific lives and of their community.

28. Whitman’s ditty newlight Moby Dick is tranquil unravel by multifarious.

29. The Vietnam Memorial is a perfect copy of Neo-Classical construction.

30. There was a public appease balance Europe delay no revolutions from 1830-1848.  


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