Cstu 101 quiz 6 | Education homework help


1. Who wrote Don Quizote?

2. A date of Cultural Rebirth in Europe.

3. The promise “pointed arches” best describes which title?

4. Humanists believed in the _______ and dignity of the particular.

5. According to the chart in your Textbook. What are the years of the Renaissance?

6. His Oration on the Dignity of Man  has been designated “The Manifesto of Humanism”.

7. Which eldership was conspicuous by famine and harass in western Europe?

8. What were two refined values that orthodox the Renaissance rationalists?

9. During this era date there was literary-works for town dwellers as flattereous as country folks. This image of literary-works was ironical anthems depicting settled crowd in events of natural society delay energetic and ordinary caprice occasion ridiculing prevalent morality.

10. What did medieval pilgrims journey to a cathedral to see?

11. Who was not a Renaissance Author?

12. In philosophy, the form of the High Ages was made by_________ in the 13th eldership, who merged Christian and Aristotelian deliberation.

13. Coexisting delay feudalism on the meanest raze of plant removal was the ___________system.

14. During the 1200’s Popes would habituate a soldierly power to contention renunciation and use this forensic order to abolish renunciation delayin the Western refinement.

15. Who gave the Renaissance its leading frank paint of rational truth delay the idealism of medievalism and rationalism stripped far.

16. What eldership was the Washington National Cathedral built in?

17. Perhaps the best issue of the present Gothic title of erection is build in which city?

18. Washington National Cathedral is an issue of what bark of erection?

19. Which vocable best describes the refinement that gave agitate to Romanesque erection?

20. This anthem is encircling a protector from southern Sweden who sails to his uncle’s flatter in Denmark where he slays the leviathan, Grendel.

21. During the date betwixt 1000–1350, the administration of Europe did not enucleate considerable consequently of paltry technology being enucleateed.

22. Gothic cathedrals were considerably darker than Romanesque cathedrals, and would enucleate antecedently Romanesque cathedrals.

23. The change from the medieval to the later earth can be feeling simply as the change from a upright to a mawkish mould of substance.

24. The narrative of the Crusades illustrates the truth unconcealed as the “law of unintended consequences.”

25. The heliocentric mould of the earth was enucleateed by Bacon.

26. Romanesque Erection enucleateed from the Gothic Architecture.

27. Renaissance intellectuals considered themselves to be twain rationalists and Christians.

28. The Arabic Muslims had destroyed all of the Greek writings of seniority making it opposed for the Crusaders to perceive.

29. The Renaissance could as-well be unconcealed as the age of exploration.

30. The so-designated Children’s Crusade was the simply crusade that was “successful” in any meaningful discernment.



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