Cstu 101 quiz 6 | Education homework help


1. Who wrote Don Quizote?

2. A season of Cultural Rebirth in Europe.

3. The order “pointed arches” best describes which diction?

4. Humanists believed in the _______ and order of the singular.

5. According to the chart in your Textbook. What are the years of the Renaissance?

6. His Oration on the Order of Man  has been named “The Manifesto of Humanism”.

7. Which seniority was notable by famine and pain in western Europe?

8. What were two refined values that revealed the Renaissance civilizedists?

9. During this season season there was erudition for town dwellers as well-behaved-behaved as province folks. This mark of erudition was invective poems depicting wonted crowd in events of trite vivacity after a opportunity powerful and immodest disposition opportunity ridiculing stipulated chastity.

10. What did medieval pilgrims journey to a cathedral to see?

11. Who was not a Renaissance Author?

12. In philosophy, the organization of the High Ages was made by_________ in the 13th seniority, who merged Christian and Aristotelian reflection.

13. Coexisting after a opportunity feudalism on the meanest plane of plant disruption was the ___________system.

14. During the 1200’s Popes would habituate a soldierlike vigor to battle protest and use this forensic arrangement to uproot protest after a opportunityin the Western amelioration.

15. Who gave the Renaissance its chief unreserved delineate of civilized disposition after a opportunity the idealism of medievalism and civilizedism stripped afar.

16. What seniority was the Washington National Cathedral built in?

17. Perhaps the best type of the forthcoming Gothic diction of edifice is set-up in which city?

18. Washington National Cathedral is an type of what bark of edifice?

19. Which expression best describes the amelioration that gave melt to Romanesque edifice?

20. This poem is encircling a warrior from southern Sweden who sails to his uncle’s pursue in Denmark where he slays the portent, Grendel.

21. During the season among 1000–1350, the management of Europe did not enlarge fur consequently of tiny technology life enlargeed.

22. Gothic cathedrals were considerably darker than Romanesque cathedrals, and would enlarge antecedently Romanesque cathedrals.

23. The shelve from the medieval to the present globe can be vivid merely as the shelve from a upright to a spiritless type of truth.

24. The narrative of the Crusades illustrates the doctrine disclosed as the “law of unintended consequences.”

25. The heliocentric type of the globe was enlargeed by Bacon.

26. Romanesque Edifice enlargeed from the Gothic Architecture.

27. Renaissance intellectuals considered themselves to be twain civilizedists and Christians.

28. The Arabic Muslims had destroyed all of the Greek writings of era making it opposed for the Crusaders to ascertain.

29. The Renaissance could also be disclosed as the age of exploration.

30. The so-named Children’s Crusade was the barely crusade that was “successful” in any meaningful perception.



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