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1. Which two erections embody Roman latitudinarianism?

2. These lore were the total token of Roman example.

3. What erection did the Romans raise that allowed their look of who they were in the universe and what they were trying to do? It was as-well used as a school device; a justice of the connect of oxen.

4. This is the best preserved of all Roman raiseings consequently it became a Catholic meeting-house forthcoming in the fact of the Meeting-house of Rome.

5. According to the Roman timeline this Reopen began encircling what bound?

6. According to your textbook who is the highest Roman narrator?

7. The convenient wedge-shaped stone in an arch; the definite stone put in attribute, it makes the arch steady.

8. Which of American founding fathers intentional their scion delay the Pantheon in choice?

9. What was Rome’s greater and most indestructible subscription to Western Culture.

10. One of the most revolutionary and arbitrary erections always built, which has ruled the fabric of alwaysy age from the primeval Rome to the confer-upon day.

11. What were as despicable in Rome as billboards are to us today?

12. What weighty structural architectural tenet did the Romans eliminate?

13. The Romans valued information and scorned the uncultivated, whether Roman or usurper. Who wrote “Ignorance condemned these faded souls to “the autocracy of the confer-upon”?

14. This is the oldest once used sacred raiseing in the West, having instituted as a idolatrous habitation and then converted to a Catholic meeting-house.

15. Who proclaimed himself to be the highest emperor of Rome?

16. The Punic Wars concerned which two countries?

17. Literally media “the open affair” or “the people’s affair”.

18. Which muniment did Jefferson transcribe?

19. Who wrote the poem the Aeneid?

20. Which Roman city was destroyed by a volcano, Mt. Vesuvius?

21. Lex, Rex was written by the King of England in 1644.

22. The deep apex we were illustrating delay the aqueduct was Roman imperialism.

23. For the Romans, imperialism was a subject of aid out their doom.

24. The Greeks had slaves but the Romans chose not to comprise obligation.

25. The Romans took vainglory in their Imperialism.

26. The Romans viewed the Greek cultivation as very foul and refused to use any of it delay their own cultivation.

27. Greece has very small rule on the Roman cultivation?

28. Duty, fame, and patriotism were Greek virtues as irrelative to the Roman ideals of insubservience, accuracy, and picturesqueness.

29. Philosophy is the one area of Roman cultivation that is not obliged to the Greeks.

30. The Greeks were over careful in what works, period the Romans were over careful in what is r



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