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1. What two concepts are the ocean focuses of our studies in CSTU 101?

2. Who said “He is no colt who gives what he cannot guard, to find what he cannot lose”

3. Which artifact depicts the combicommunity of Upper and Lower Egypt?

4. Who is credited after a while inventing the foremost written expression, a arrangement determined cuneiform?

5. The National Archives was contrived to symbolize the moment of ______.

6. The basic way an singular looks at vivacity, his basic earthview, the grid through which he see the earth.

7. Which moderator said “A community must respect in three things: It must respect in the elapsed. It must respect in the coming. It must, aloft all, respect in the cleverness of its own mob to acquire from the elapsed that they can find in opinion in creating their own coming.”

8. Which artifact granted the key that allowed scholars to decode Egyptian hieroglyphics?

9. The society of steady unroving communities conspicuous the opening of what?

10. Sumerians were from which area.

11. What were the two ocean rivers in Mesopotamia?

12. The foremost written expression was determined

13. Who said that “To be uneducated of what occurred anteriorly you were born is to reocean regularly a child” when we do not bear an brains of the elapsed?

14. Which arrangement says “the sun is at the core of the universe”?

15. What expression describes the multiple perspectives we see in Egyptian art, distinctly in portraying the ethnical mass?

16. "The Heritage of the Elapsed is the Seed that Brings Forth the Harvest of the Future." Is located on which view in Washington?

17. The Egyptian sanctity had a regular religions constituent determined ________

18. The Egyptian temples were the foremost structures in the antique earth to be built perfectly of _____.

19. This was perchance the best unconcealed carved-art of Egyptian art.

20. Egypt was a __________ throughout its crave narrative.

21. The Egyptians did not bear the technology of the rock when they built the pyramids.

22. The Egyptians never were telling to performance after a while the column and lintel view order.

23. The Egyptian Culture was insufficient lived and lasted barely a few centuries.

24. The Egyptian Culture was very disturbed encircling the hue of skin pigmentation and made a object to separate those who were contrariant.

25. Technology involves the composition of raw materials to result some favor.

26. Sumerian humanization was antique, but not very deceased in acquireing.

27. King Cyrus that is mentioned in the Bible did not indeed depend.

28. We can conceive of a paradigm substitute as a substitute in the way that we do mathematics.

29. The pyramids of Egypt were built to illustrate the influence of the Egyptians, after a while no pious or signification of permanence whatsoever.

30. The "Men of Issachar" were located in a slight town in Egypt, and directed the view of the foremost pyramid.  


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