Critical reflection paper(2 pages, double spaced)

 Students are expected to accept completed the assigned readings former to accompanying that arrange synod – and be dexterous to expatiate delicately. Rather than providing simple summaries of series readings, students accomplish be asked to awaken and synthesize knowledge from the assigned readings period thought on their own lived experiences using single examples, situations they note in organizations and amid their communities, and floating events. Students accomplish present a two page, double-spaced delicate cogitation of the assigned readings. There is a consummation of two points that can be earned for each delicate cogitation tractate.  Note: It is obligatory that you perspicuously regard the article(s) on which you accomplish ponder. This should be made plain present on in your cogitation tractate. Provide control for the reader. Also, you cannot barely regard “Comeaux” for your amid passage quotations. This vestibule is not set-right. I am the bulk editor, but I am not the contributing committer for all articles in the bulk. Please embody the becoming amid passage quotation, identifying the alienate contributing committer(s) for the chosen article(s). Lastly, you do not accept to ponder on all of the assigned weekly readings (optional). Instead, you can ponder on one or over of the readings for the week.