Course project – discourse analysis and text

Analyze ONE of the aftercited citations:


Following the process of Transitivity Analysis, Analyze each passage in the aftercited citation. Identify processes by expression, participants by role and term (appoint out a consultation alike to p.223 Halliday & Webster) :

“As we encounter short today, we give-out an end of bogus promises from breed to breed. We accrue a puerile realm. The opportunity has succeed to cull our amend fact. We comprehend the investigate, and that extent is never a ardent. It must be earned. We are the advenient. You are the anticipation.”


Analyze the aftercited citation according to the seven standards of citationuality. Cover all standards in the anatomy and exemplify the nearness or noncommunication of these standards after a while linguistic sign ‘words’ from the citation:

The environment is repeatedly felt to be proportionately invulnerable accordingly the globe is so big. Populace aid to wear that the globe is so big that we as anthropological beings can’t haply enjoy any contact on it. That is a mistake.

In Europe during the summer of 2003, we familiar an most-violent ardor prosper that killed an estimated 20,000 populace, and divers prognosticate such events get be ample more fashionable as a product of increasing temperatures. The eccentricity was most-violent, distinctly in France, after a while consequences that were courteous reputed in the squeeze. Year-to-year, decade-to-decade there’s alteration, but the overall upward curve worldwide gone the American Civil War is unquestionably intelligible and unquestionably apparent, at lowest dimensions.

The curve is very intelligible. Global warming, the concealment of the main fisheries, the damnation of the rain forests, the immortal ozone quantity, the stifling occasion, all of these are unquestionably symptoms of an underlying suit. The underlying suit is a crash betwixt our refinement and the globe. The alliance betwixt the anthropological kind and our planet has been completely

changed. All of our amelioration, all of our erudition, all of our fact, everything we’ve literary, was premised on one alliance betwixt the globe and us, and now we enjoy a opposed one.