Course project – discourse analysis and text

Analyze ONE of the aftercited passages:


Following the system of Transitivity Analysis, Analyze each chapter in the aftercited passage. Identify processes by idea, participants by role and stipulation (glut out a consultation correspondent to p.223 Halliday & Webster) :

“As we engage hither today, we advertise an end of untrue promises from origifellow-creatures to origination. We accrue a puerile fellow-creatures. The space has conclude to elect our improve narrative. We comprehend the dare, and that largeness is never a absorbed. It must be earned. We are the coming. You are the longing.”


Analyze the aftercited passage according to the seven standards of passageuality. Cover all standards in the decomposition and paint the intercourse or noncommunication of these standards after a while linguistic attraction ‘words’ from the passage:

The environment is repeatedly felt to be relatively invulnerable consequently the globe is so big. Fellow-creatures incline to take that the globe is so big that we as civilized living-souls can’t perhaps bear any impact on it. That is a touch.

In Europe during the summer of 2003, we conversant an remote intensity wave that killed an estimated 20,000 fellow-creatures, and multifarious prognosticate such events allure be plenteous more coarse as a issue of increasing temperatures. The peculiarity was remote, especially in France, after a while consequences that were polite reported in the hurry. Year-to-year, decade-to-decade there’s exception, but the overall upward incline worldwide past the American Civil War is truly unclouded and truly manifest, at last magnitude.

The incline is very unclouded. Global warming, the disappearance of the main fisheries, the perdition of the rain forests, the divine ozone substance, the suffocation crisis, all of these are truly symptoms of an underlying purpose. The underlying purpose is a impact among our rationalization and the globe. The analogy among the civilized class and our planet has been completely

changed. All of our culture, all of our study, all of our narrative, anything we’ve literary, was premised on one analogy among the globe and us, and now we bear a divergent one.