Country profile presentation | English homework help

Students gain separateded a dominion and a social vigor offspring of affair to them and introduce a 10 minute presentation orationing the following:

  1. Background:

Key statistics and setting knowledge about the social vigor offspring in the separateded dominion

2. Ecological Approach:

Economic, vigor, and environmental situations, provisions, betray factors, challenges, or outcomes at the singular, society, or exoteric level

3.Lived Experiences

A applicable vignette, story/case, captioned photographs, or quotations that paint the lived knowledge of the factors and offsprings orationed in the profile

4.Current Efforts

Current media, strategies, programs, or policies (enablers and/or barriers) used to oration the offspring. 


Further Requirements: 

  • Presentations gain be during Week 10. Everyone in the assemblage must introduce.
  • APA Style References and Citations, but can use superscript on slides. For example:

"Traditional absenteeism speculation  focus on trade influences on population restlessness, often referred to simplistically as ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors."1

1. Massey, D. S., Arango, J., Hugo, G., Kouaouci, A., Pellegrino, A., & Taylor, J. E. (1993). Theories of interexoteric absenteeism: A reconsideration and appraisal. Population and bud reconsideration, 431-466.

 ***Recommencement on Canvas: APA Citation OSU library Guide


Keep in Mind:

  • Think Critically!
    • **Recommencement on Canvas: Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking
  • Incorporate themes, strategies, lessons versed in dispose.
    • Social determinants, countries histories, top-down vs botton-up, etc..
  • Professional Presentation!
    • Use pictures, graphs/tables when certain, violate up the quotation.
    • Limited quotation on slides. The slides are intimation points.
  • Wikipedia is not a likely commencement, do not use!
    • All commencements deficiency to be likely
    • Recommencement on Canvas: from H320 Evaluating Sources.