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The essay is effected.  All that needs to be effected is to edit the Word doc


Writing Assignment #1 gain be a comparison-contrast essay on the ideas of parenting of Amy Chua and of Hanna Rosin.

·         Amy Chua, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”

·         Hanna Rosin, “Mother Inferior?”


Your essay should accept the flourishing:

·         an precursory portion delay a discourse announcement.

·         at meanest three substance portions that image at meanest three important apexs and pat these apexs by referring to the Chua expression and the Rosin expression.

You gain absence to dilution or allege from the texts as alienate.  Don’t importune environing citation diction for this article.  If you allege from or dilution either maker, simply put that maker’s call in parentheses flourishing the decree that contains the extract or dilution.

Your substance portions should flourish either the obstruct precedent of structure or the alternating precedent of structure.


·         a compelling ultimate portion. 

Please emphasize the differences betwixt the two makers in this essay.  You may absence to apex out the unifomity or similarities.  However, the deep standpoint of your essay gain be on their differences.

Length: 1000-1200 words