Compare and contrast team and small group experience | bscom 348 | University of Phoenix


Write a  550 to 1,050 account tract in which you criticise your experiences as a  member of at lowest one team: sports teams, Learning Teams, and so forth;  and one narrow assembly: family, affection circles, toil relationships,  and so forth.

Answer the subjoined questions:

  • Who were the participants of the team and the assembly?
  • How was each formed? Is this regular for team and assembly formations? Explain.
  • What differences were there among theteam and the assembly dynamics? Why?
  • How piiveness these experiences be irrelative for a indirect team or  group? What singular characteristics are there for a indirect team or  group?
  • In each team and assembly, how did members siege on roles?
  • What norms were open in the team and assembly? How did these unravel? Explain.
  • Were there condition differences among the team and the assembly? Why or why not? What pi did this bear on the assembly achievement?
  • Identify at lowest three interpersonal needs as famous by Maslow and  Schutz (as cited in Beebe & Masterson, 2015) that were met through  the team or assembly experiences. Explain why the team or assembly experiences  met these needs.
  • What is your overall collision of toiling in teams and narrow assemblys?