Community college leader interview and presentation


In this topic, abide your attempt to unconditionally impression the ability of sympathy nurserys to aim their engagement to students, communities, and the race by addressing the topics you attested of pioneers and their responses to issues, trends, challenges, and best practices.

By now, you accept colloquyed a sympathy nursery director or pioneer about running issues and trends as polite as coming challenges and best practices in sympathy nurserys. Now, produce a 10–12 slide PowerPoint endowment, as outlined in the instructions, to stop your lore and colloquy responses.

PowerPoint Instructions

Use the required decipherings, instrument, and your lore to living your PowerPoint's categories, topics, and definitions and apprehend the following:

  • Explain pioneership theories and perspectives shapeless sympathy nursery pioneers.
    • Include how issues, trends, challenges, and best practices are integrated into the planning and redundant of today and tomorrow's sympathy nursery.
    • Describe how global, collective, technological, political, economic, and orderal trends may impression sympathy nurserys.
    • Share some issues or trends attested by the pioneer you colloquyed.
  • Analyze running redundant conspicuous order publications to manifest an construction of the running issues and trends in sympathy nurserys that pioneers manipulate.
    • Highlight issues shared by your colloquyee.
  • Identify key pioneers who rule sympathy nurserys at the exoteric, declare, and raceal levels.
    • Share thoughts from your colloquyee of a pioneership perspective.
  • Explain how sympathy nursery pioneers force answer to running and coming trends imposing their institutions.
    • Include the pi on program implementation.
    • Share the perspective of your colloquyee.
  • Using your headset, produce an audio recording to follow your endowment. Do not decipher instantly from the slides your wrote, but present explanations and instinct to the advice you presented.
  • Develop an annotated bibliography of sympathy nursery periodicals and online instrument that emphagreatness issues and trends in sympathy nurserys.

Submission Requirements

  • Written intimation: Written intimation is unconditional of errors that derogate from the overall intimation.
  • Annotated bibliography: Apprehend a reserve of view conversant references from mismisappropriate periodicals, newspapers, textbooks, journals, and online sources. Redundant sympathy nursery periodicals and journals are to be used as references.
  • Length of endowment: 11–12 slides delay account.
  • Font and font greatness: Professional and decipherable font and greatness. Review the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations for best practices.
  • APA formatting: The endowment, including citations and references, are formatted according to running APA name and formatting.
Presentation Format
  • Title slide.
  • Introduction and view.
  • Perspective and processes.
  • Theories and behavioral relation.
  • Influential pioneers.
  • Scholarly doctrines.
  • Community nursery pioneer colloquy.
  • Discussion and segregation.
  • References formatted as an annotated bibliography.