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CMST &101 – Seminar Lection Notes 2 : for your lection in  Chapter 7 & 8

Chapter Concept Lection Notes in three accommodation (the third segregate is an earnestness fixed on the lections)

Part 1:

To get us afloat in lection the condition esthetic and make-ready us for the Class Discussions you are activity asked to do a condition ‘map’ for some of the assigned lection conditions. You can do these freehand or by using a software that can acceleration you constitute the visual map of what you cogitation was momentous or caught your watchfulness in your lection. You can too cull to constitute a subordinated delineation from your lection of the conditions through fitness or typing. This is your cherished fixed on your lection.

Each map should be ORGANIZED to grasp the forthcoming areas:

  • Key ideas (hint: main exception headings are a amiable fix to set-out)
  • Terms/vocabulary—grasp the determination (hint: usually bolded in the quotation)
  • Examples from the quotation
  • Your trials or letters encircling this topic

Tnear are a sum of ways to form a Concept Map. Check out these links to see which way most fits you.

Of method, you can too do a freehand concept map (in-detail if you are artistically healthful). Remember: garbling is leading in aiding your foreclosure of the esthetic so…be garblingful, use images or whatforever else allure acceleration you spirit what you decipher. What forforever you do you allure need to conduct a represent if you entertain drawn the spirit map or secure the muniment delay your notes and refer the segregate one delay the segregate two strong. 

Part 2:

After you perfect the concept map for the lections in any way you are agreeable, solution the forthcoming questions encircling your lection. Explaining your meditateing demonstrates your artlessness so fascinate do meditate carefully and tally authentically.

  1. What were some wordbook signification that you would affect to perceive over distinctly this could be any signification gone our dicipline does entertain some jangle or labels?
  2. What surprised you in the lections?
  3. What examples in your activity do you entertain of these concepts or segregateicular concepts that you institute thrilling or applicable?
  4. What complex you or made you insufficiency to confront out over (this accelerations me understand how I can eliminate concepts for you).


Part 3 

After lection these conditions seem at the esthetic in these conditions and warrant one or two concepts or despatch skills signed near that allure acceleration you operation over successfully in a team environment. Warrant the concept and then decipher why and what it would seem affect in the express despatch trial. What in this condition can acceleration you operation ameliorate in a team birth at operation or school?