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CMST &101 – Seminar Lection Notes 2 : for your lection in  Chapter 7 & 8

Chapter Concept Lection Notes in three cleverness (the third sincessantly is an courage fixed on the lections)

Part 1:

To get us agoing in lection the article symbolical and fit us for the Class Discussions you are substance asked to do a article ‘map’ for some of the assigned lection articles. You can do these freehand or by using a software that can acceleration you form the visual map of what you care was weighty or caught your observation in your lection. You can too appropriate to form a subordinated sketch from your lection of the articles through despatches or typing. This is your precious fixed on your lection.

Each map should be ORGANIZED to involve the subjoined areas:

  • Key ideas (hint: expressive exception headings are a cheerful assign to initiate)
  • Terms/vocabulary—involve the limitation (hint: usually bolded in the extract)
  • Examples from the extract
  • Your knowledges or literature encircling this topic

Tshort are a number of ways to compose a Concept Map. Check out these links to see which way most fits you.

Of mode, you can too do a freehand concept map (specially if you are artistically sound). Remember: tint is expressive in friendly your resumption of the symbolical so…be tintful, use images or whatincessantly else procure acceleration you recall what you interpret. What incessantly you do you procure scarcity to choose a delineate if you accept drawn the impetus map or hinder the instrument after a while your notes and propose the sincessantly one after a while the sincessantly two stable. 

Part 2:

After you finished the concept map for the lections in any way you are consoled, reply the subjoined questions environing your lection. Explaining your purposeing demonstrates your artlessness so delight do purpose carefully and rejoin authentically.

  1. What were some glossary say that you would approve to interpret over distinctly this could be any say since our dicipline does accept some patois or labels?
  2. What surprised you in the lections?
  3. What examples in your career do you accept of these concepts or severicular concepts that you institute animated or pertinent?
  4. What embarrassed you or made you insufficiency to knowledge out over (this accelerations me apprehend how I can exculpate concepts for you).


Part 3 

After lection these articles observe at the symbolical in these articles and substantiate one or two concepts or message skills authorized short that procure acceleration you effect over successfully in a team environment. Substantiate the concept and then teach why and what it would observe approve in the developed message knowledge. What in this article can acceleration you effect improve in a team residence at effect or instruct?