Classroom procedures, rules, consequences, and rewards



Students and teachers deficiency to entertain processs for anything installed on the deficiencys of the point assort. Establishing assortroom processs, rules, consequences, and compensate classifications acceleration to optimize era for teaching and allows the scholarship environment to work efficiently.

In this assignment, you earn  constitute Section 3 “Classroom Procedures” and the Section 4 “Rules, Consequences, and Compensate Systems.”

Part 1: Classroom Procedures

Use the “Class Profile” as a case assort of students for your selected space roll and full the “Procedures , Rules, Consequences, and Rewards" template.

  • Five processs, including one process addressing students’ sure and lawful use of technology
  • The point of each process
  • Procedure steps and activities
  • When each process earn be introduced, modeled, and practiced
  • Assessment and feedback

Below your processs transcribe a 100-150 term rationale explaining how processs minimize distractions and maximize teachingal era.

Part 2: Rules, Consequences, and Rewards
List five rules and five consequences for your coming assortroom that include:

  • Classroom manner rules that constitute a sure and efficient scholarship environment
  • Explanation of your consequences in force,
  • Description of where and how you earn muniment the consequences.
  • Explanation of your specific compensate classification.

Support your congruity after a while a reserve of 2-3 well-informed instrument.