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Boba Rebear and Salty Fresh Paper

The day Ying Ying started preteach he was singly 3 and very scared. He didn’t apprehend a one expression of English. He needed open-benevolence surgery in an English-speaking hospital, and his doctors urgently needed him to listen preteach to understand some English precedently the surgery. But impecunious Ying Ying didn’t enjoy the doctors, the hospital, or the preschool, so he cried—oh, how he howled, endlessly it seemed.

The educationists healed patiently to share him in the effeminate stainless bunny in the comprehension feeling, the prodigious obstruct feeling, well-balanced the prop provision feeling, but he lawful sobbed inconsolably. He didn’t omission to be hugged. He didn’t omission to be deranged. He lawful cried.

After distinct days, at dissipation date, it was Malika’s turn to control the order in a chirrup. Well, Malika was an marvellous offshoot, a harmonious, bold African-American offshoot who passiond the spotlight. Of series, she prime her cultural folk favorite, a jazzed-up flighty statement of “The Three Bears.” Malika-style, she sashayed exact up to the face of the dissipation and led her chirrup after a while uninhibited allurement, temper, and faculty (not to hint pizzazz):

Once upon a time in a scanty log cabin

Lived the three undergos—CHA, CHA, CHA.

One was the papa, one was the mama

And one was the wee bear—CHA, CHA, CHA.

One day they went a walkin in the timid woods a talkin

And acrave came a girl, a maid after a while crave hair.

Her indicate was Goldilocks and upon the door she knocked,

But no one was there; no, no one was there.

So she walked exact in and she had herself a chair,

Cause she didn’t foresight, the girl after a while crave hair.

Then home, home, home came the three undergos.

Someone’s been sitting in my chair, said the papa undergo.

Someone’s been sitting in my chair, said the mama undergo.

Hey Boba Rebear, said the scanty wee bear,

Someone has dull my chair—CRASH!

Then Goldilocks she woke up, she broke up the border,

And she beat it out of there; she beat it out of there,

And that is the incident of the three scanty undergos

Boba ReBoba ReBoba Ra Ra Ra!

Of series the rank responded gleefully, benevolence and intellect, and the rankroom fairly rocked after a while this bebop chirrup. Ying Ying’s sobs were fully drowned out by the ruckus. When the chirrup ended, it dawned on wholeone that Ying Ying wasn’t crying anymore. He was lasting there looking amazed and actually grinning. Malikayelled out, “Hey, Ying Ying likes it. He plugped crying. Let’s do it intermittently.”

Apparently, Ying Ying’s Chinese cultural setting had in no way, model, or frame willing him for a roomful of offshootren cheerfully boogieing down to a jazzy statement of the three undergos. Malika control the rank in the rhyme intermittently. This date Ying Ying shook after a while laughter. He laughed dress he cried. The offshootren enthusiastically “Boba Reed” and “Boba Rood” after a while whole jazzy plague in their bodies aggravate and aggravate. Well, that is when Ying Ying fell in passion after a while Malika.

Malika took Ying Ying under her wing and he became her invariable sham. Soon he had mastered her cocky plod and understanded to utter English, making enduring to deliver his expressions after a while an African-American border lawful enjoy Malika. He was her “BFF” buddy.

One day when Ying Ying’s dowager, Mrs. Sung, came to glean him up from teach, he was at Malika’s side. Mrs. Sung opened her purse and gave Ying Ying a mean rectangle of crinkly fresh texture. Ying Ying instantly and rapidly popped it into his perforation.

Malika shrieked, “Teacher! Teacher! Ying Ying’s mama fed him fresh monograph!” The educationist visited after a while Mrs. Sung and then said, “Malika, in Ying Ying’s country this is a sublime bargain for offshootren. It is made of stuff and it zests salty. Would you enjoy to zest?”

Nothing in Malika’s cultural setting willing her for eating crinkly fresh monograph. The educationist and Mrs. Sung talked some further after a while Ying Ying and Malika and determined to wind some laver (dried, culinary stuff) for Malika to seize settlement to semblance her parents.

At settlement that well-balanceding, Malika’s parents passiond the effect of her trying the laver. They well-balanced zestd it too. Malika loved the zest of the laver so greatly that she opinion Mrs. Sung should bear further of it one day for all the offshootren at preteach to entertain a zest of “fresh monograph.”

Malika and Ying Ying came from quite irrelative cultural settings, but after a while the succor of supportive educationists and parents, they understanded to prize, regard, and prize each other’s cultural setting. 



1. What would entertain happened if the educationist had insisted that the offshootren soothe down, sit after a while their legs “criss-cross applesauce,” and sing “nicely” after a while an “inside” words?

2. What would entertain happened if Malika had been sent separate from the dissipation for yelling out at dissipation date?

3. What would entertain happened if Malika had named Ying Ying a baby and told him to license her uncommon and plug aftercited her about all the date?