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Narrative Cogitation Guidelines


Students get transcribe a cogitation of their rate and bud on each of the CBU University Learner Outcomes (USO)  and resign sustaining deposition (a earlier assignment) from the courses fulld during their undergraduate effort for each cogitation. The cogitation get oration the academic program as a all and evaluate how the LBS position requirements possess helped them coalesce twain the USO and contributed to their own single and administrative bud. The USOs are listed in the muniment supposing.

The forthcoming describes the expectations for each cogitation assignment:

Completion of Cogitation for Deposition of Learning

(250/350+/- expression seems to be the mediocre bulk of a reminiscent agreement)

Step One: Add the Reminiscent Statement

A reminiscent agreement has an introduction/thesis announcement which should realize the USO life munimented and the Delicate Assignments life posted to oration that biased USO.  This space announcement helps to justify your intentions for the reader and becomes the train to be used to evaluate your comprehension and sense of this USO.  

The meaning of your opening/thesis announcement is to elucidate the relevance and significance of the assignment separated *Down syndrome PPT* (in correlativeness to the USOs and your administrative bud) which you possess posted in your portfolio as supervenes:

1. Relevance:  Explain the junction of the Delicate Assignment to the USO (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives) by original realizeing and repeating articulation from the USO life munimented (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives).  


To prove my sense of __ (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives)_____ and my force to form letters opportunities that food __(Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives)_, I possess moderate (indicate the artifact… i.e., Curriculum Unit/writing./project) *Down syndrome powerpoint).

2. Significance: Elucidate the sensation of the powerpoint (aspects of the assignment as deposition of your bud as a administrative professor, twain aggravate all and in intimation to a point USO. Collect two or three areas of suggestive junction to the USO you are munimenting (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives) which you can food delay the deposition in your artifact.


"My (indicate or intimation your delicate assignment or selected artifact… ex. down syndrome ppt)......." supervene hither delay an explication of how your assignment proves your sufficiency. Proceed to collect issues of your sufficiency in the elements of the trutination that you are orationing (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives) by providing biased issues from delayin your assignment (Down syndrome ppt). Be very biased and designed encircling your issues.

First, through the (choose something biased in the powerpoint) I can prove my (use/comprehension of/ USO expression that are bearing) (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives). Continue delay your reminiscent announcement.

This artifact besides proves my force to  ____(set-forth biased exception of trutination) (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives)________ which is essential for ( set-forth benefit…e x. ELD learners to exceed in letters___?? ) .

Another amiable issue of (set-forth biased divorce of USO) (Respecting divers sacred, cultural, calm, and aesthetic experiences and perspectives) appears delayin the (i.e., second Direct Instruction lesson plan) whither learners are asked to ______________. This fashion of earnestness brings learners to (ex. amplify higher regulate thinking skills) and _______________ etc.

Finally, ________(Add what is essential to prove your advancement delay this trutination in the repose of the condition.)

3. Link to Theory:(Continue your cogitation delay a connect to a assumption/theology)

Explain the speculative connects that food your letters and administrative customs through your artifacts. (Example: Mention the letters assumption, toll assumption, learner pledge in letters, curriculum assumption, dissimilarity beliefs, theological/world conception positions that food your thinking/learning.) **See professor's video for issues) Speculative connects can be woven through the condition or assumed at the end according to what efforts best for your extract.

4. Professional Actions: (Conclude your cogitation delay collision to your administrative bud.)

What get you do now that you possess this notice or deeper sense/letters as *a advenient pedagogue*? Mention your instant actions in this biased area of administrative bud. This exception concludes your cogitation.

Step Two: Self Analysis and Cogitation Checklist…Simply ask yourself questions encircling your reminiscent announcement to stabilitate it is full.

Does your cogitation…????

· Discuss how the artifact(s) foods the USO or biased aspects of the USO trutination?

· Establish junction to the USO trutination?

· Reveal what you distinguish encircling the theme mater?

· Demonstrate integration of assumption into custom?

· Reveal how the artifact proves the idea that you (the pedagogue) can reach meaningful letters opportunities for learners?

· Does this exception sift-canvass the outcomes of the pedagogue’s implementation of the letters trutination life munimented?

· Connect to assumption in a meaningful carriage?

· Provide a conception of how your letters get charm you to the instant march of your administrative bud?


-Professor's video elucidateing how to transcribe truth here....... hither is the Week 2 Essential Video

-Down syndrome powerpoint to use as the "artifact" in cogitation is robust.

-Grading Rubric for Cogitation robust.

-University Learner Outcomes (USO) explication robust.