Book review 2 on children of the dust

Book Criticism 2






The Second Capacity Criticism is grounded upon required direction readings that propose coeval accounts of the lived experiment of Confucianism and Islam. The criticisms overcome for you to advert the coeval expressions of these credulitys and to advert upon their junction to your own and our collective societal experiment--To advert how accessible teachings, principals and practices of these credulity traditions could be introduced and implemented into your own conduct, experiment and American cultivation so as to advance to your personal and our collective edification.




In volatile of the overhead description from our direction syllabus, your criticism of Ali Eteraz’s capacity, Children of the Dust, ought to advert the following:




How excursion is a sordid motif in incorporeal writings—Eteraz’s excursion from childhood to adulthood and from Pakistan to the United States and how these excursions, in depend, procure Eteraz’s evolving self-understanding, incorporeal maturation, interpretation of Islam, etc.




Eteraz’s and his family’s experiment of Islam/the Islamic ethos during their residency in Pakistan and America, respectively.




How Islam/the Islamic ethos is explicit in coeval Pakistani cultivation—Including, when applicable/pertinent, advertation and rate of accessible Islamic tenets efficacious in and experimentd by the Eteraz’s during their residency in coeval Pakistan.




The Eteraz’s experiment of how Islam is perceived by fixed segments of the population in the United States via advertation of applicable/pertinent experiments of the Eteraz’s during their residency in coeval America…and how Ali’s American experiments impacted, known, shaped and colored his incorporeal excursion and his interpretation of his credulity/religion.




What lessons we can procure from Eteraz’s experiments that agency subscribe to a meliorate gregarious experiment in our cultivation and to the amendment of ourselves as men-folks as we rafter our own excursions and incorporeal maturation, and as our own devout interpretations and sensitivities eliminate.








Allow the criticism to be an cause by which you advert upon and advert aspects, anecdotes and aspects of the capacity and the experiment of Eteraz which in-detail struck you in some way—positively and/or negatively—and critically enlist and assess why this was the subject. This may carry some to lapse on issues applicable to gregarious decomposition or cultural rites of channel or interpersonal relationships or devout toleration…In near, there is insubservience for you to chase points of detail share to you and/or applicable to your major…