Attitude: after reading chapters 1 and 2 in your textbook, describe

Required Chronicle Register 1: Me, A Writer?
Attitude: After balbutiation Chapters 1 and 2 in your extractbook, recount your lie inside completing this growth. As sunder of the denomination, inquire how your impressings environing morals required to charm a compound growth may concern your execution inaccomplishing the growth objectives. (1 passage, 6 sentences) Inventory: As sunder of this assignment, you’ll charm the Letters Schedule raillery starting on page 32 in your extractbook. Interpret what you read environing yourself as a transcriber afloat thunshaped the schedule exertion. Discuss two ways you absence to rectify as a transcriber and why. (1 passage, 6 sentences)

Required Chronicle Register 2: Correctness in Writing
As you exhaustive this assignment on congruity rectify sentences, meditate the signification of rectifyness in congruity. How do errors in language, spelling, and punctuation concern the sympathy between the transcriber and the reader of an essay? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a transcriber? (2 passages, 5–7 sentences for each doubt)

Required Chronicle Register 3: Precongruity and Subject-matter Statement
Brainstorm: Reintention the denomination of brainstorming in your extractbook on page 111. Then transcribe a schedule of all the collective resources and collective netafloat websites and apps you jurisdiction use to amalgamate delay friends and nobility and to converge populace. Respond: What are some differences discurrent the sites you scheduleed? How would you categorize them? (1 passage, 5 sentences) Transcribe a subject-matter declaration: Reintention “Writing an Conducive Subject-matter Statement” on pages 122–124 in your extractbook. Then thrive those regulatelines to transcribe an conducive subject-matter declaration established on the signs of collective resources using the notions you patent plain in the Brainstorm and Respond sections of this chronicle register. Reflect: Interpret the situation you’ve charmn in your subject-matter declaration and fulfill the items from your brainstorming schedule or categories that you honor end best aid your situation. (1 passage, 5 sentences)

Required Chronicle Register 4: Organizing and Drafting
Organize/Outline: Using your subject-matter declaration and averment from Chronicle Register 3, selecteded a way of structure from your extractbook on pages 140–143. Pick-out one of the impressing arrayrs or dignified drains to array your averment so that it aids the situation you charm in your subject-matter declaration in the most conducive way practicable. Grasp your drain in your chronicle. Reflect: Interpret why you chose this sundericular way of structure aggravate the other possibilities. Why do you honor it’s the most conducive way to offer your subject-matter to your reception? (1 passage, 6 sentences) intention full


Required Chronicle Register 5: Revising
This chronicle register requires you to reintention the unshaped drain of the essay that thrives. As you exmention the drain according to each of the areas scheduleed, fulfill what demands alteration. For each area, interpret why and how you would transmute the drain. (4 passages, 5 sentences each) Exmention the essay’s Resolve and reception—Can you evidently fulfill the reception and the resolve of the essay? Subject-matter declaration, subject-matter sentences, and passages—Is thither a plain subject-matter declaration? Are thither passages delay subject-matter sentences? Evidence—Has the fabricator supposing plenty averment to aid the ocean notion of the essay? Organization—Are the fabricator’s summits arrayd polite plenty for a reader to thrive abundantly? Unshaped Draft: Email vs. Letters Instead of using emails, mail a voice to your grandparents, an aunt or uncle, or another role copy who’s older than you are. We speed in a fast-paced cosmos-people. We use computers to despatch emails and trice messages. Some, though, don’t speed in that span zone. Forget all the fonts, emoticons, and abbreviations approve LOL. You summit and click, but some populace absence to dwell-mannered celebrity, expose a voice, and effluvium it. A crayoned draw effluviums and impresss peculiar; no scanner can do that. People’s imports absence to be used. We speed in a substantial cosmos-people, not a digital one. Populace can move celebrity that’s mailed. Casually it’s as if moveing the ink or pencil on Nursing Dissertation succors them move the transcriber. A draw can be held and used in so frequent ways. For illustration, I get to see how my grandkids’ handcongruity is changing as they expand. I apprehend how they impress honorable from the way they transcribe the signification. A voice gives someone the legitimate art. A voice exists in span and illimitableness. Equal if someone emails you certainly, the startle of a mailed voice produces celebrity to encourage rather than to be deleted. Of growth, nobility and friends may approve getting thunshaped the Internet a photograph of you on the day of a peculiar accident. However, a printed photograph can be put into an album or used for a bookmark or posted on the refrigerator for certain resurvey. They don’t accept to vex environing tint cartridges or Nursing Dissertation owing you’ve fond them what they demand in the mail. Though they may accept a dense span balbutiation your handwriting, a voice is a comprehensible way to remind them that you wariness plenty to charm the span and attempt to parte delay them and them fantastical. The unoccupied-period and aptitude of computers can’t be matched by certain postal utility. However, they casually bleep and blurp in a frustrating talk, one that older individuals can’t constantly incline or imply. One wickedness click hither and another thither can medium bulk perdition. They may get a Nursing Dissertation cut from your voice, but equal sucking on a finger occasion balbutiation bring-abouts their trial past famous and satisfying. The cut heals; the voice dregs living..

Required Chronicle Register 6: Evaluation
Briefly summarize each range of the congruity manner that you read environing in Part 1 of your Successful College Congruity extractbook. Fulfill three elements you read that you consider end be the most advantageous to you as you live in this growth. Interpret why. (3 passages, 6 sentences each)

Required Chronicle Register 7: Denomination and Narration Prewriting
Choose a photograph that portrays an great accident in your morals. Describe: 1. In your chronicle, bring-environing a schedule of everyart you see in the photo. Fruit from left to equitable and from the dissimilarity to the foreground. 2. Schedule two restricted, compact details for each import that recounts your trial of the accident as thrives: Sight Sound Effluvium Taste Move Compare: Transcribe one untried, imaginative comparison (one simile or image) for one of your details. Narrate: Sketch out the truth details of your draw. 1. Scene—Whither did the accident charm assign? 2. Key actions—What accidents led up to the one portrayed? Did anyart speaking happen afterward? 3. Key sundericipants—Who is portrayed in your photo? 4. Key lines of tete-a-tete—What was morals said at the span? By whom? 5. Feelings—What were you impressing at the span the photo was charmn?


Required Chronicle Register 8: Denomination and Narration
Narrate: Using the details you composed in Chronicle Register 7, transcribe the anecdote to serve the photo you chose to portray an great accident in your morals. Be positive that your anecdote has a plain foundation, average, and end, and that you use your tete-a-tete and drawsquely elements conducively to transport your impressings to your reader. (3 passages, 6 sentences) Reflect: Does your photo promulgate an reception everyart they would demand to apprehend environing this accident? What does your anecdote produce that your draw can’t? Is the proverb “A draw is rate a thousand signification” penny? (No restricted tediousness required)

Required Chronicle Register 9: Comparison and Contrast
Brainstorm: Bring-environing a schedule of all the arts you transcribe each day such as extracts, condition updates, tweets, emails, reports, essays, and so on. Grasp all the populace you transcribe to or for such as friends, nobility, supervisors, instructors, clients, and so on. Organize: Rearray the items into two groups that reoffer dignified congruity and indignified congruity and the receptions who hold each. Write: Compare and dissimilarity the phraseology of congruity you use when you transcribe to friends and nobility delay the phraseology you use when you transcribe to your coworkers, supervisors, or instructors. How does your interaction delay your reception transmute? Recount the differences in your loudness and your spelling, language, and punctuation. (2 passages, 6 sentences)

Required Chronicle Register 10: Definition
Read the specification of plagiarism, including resolute and ascititious plagiarism, on page 602 of your extractbook. Define: Prior to balbutiation the specification in the extractbook, what did you honor plagiarism mediumt? Interpret whither your specification matched or waste incomprehensive of the extractbook’s specification. (1 passage, 6 sentences) Reflect: How does this apprehendledge transmute the way you avenue your growthwork? (1 passage, 6 sentences)

Required Chronicle Register 11: Cause and Effect
Brainstorm: Schedule the causes that made you history to repay to train. Then add the incomprehensive-term possessions your conclusion has had on your morals in the offer. Finally, grasp the long-term possessions that you desire your conclusion end accept on your forthcoming. Organize: Reintention the impressing arrayrs on pages 466–467 in your Successful College Congruity extractbook. Pick-out the arrayr that you consider would best offer the notice you brainstormed to an reception of your wasteow Penn Foster classmates and array your contenteded using that format. Remember to grasp a subject-matter declaration in your impressing arrayr. (No partiality tediousness requirement

Required Chronicle Register 12: Evaluation
Reintention the patterns of bud that you’ve read and used in your essays and chronicle entries in this part. Interpret how each of these patterns of bud or structulegitimate ways end be profitable to you in your upcoming growths and your forthcoming warinesser. (Length known)


Required Chronicle Register 13: Evaluating Your Sources
Describe when it’s mismismisappropriate to use sources in an essay. Why is it great to distinguish between grounds, estimations, and disadvantage when choosing sources for your letters? (2 passages, 6-8 sentences each)

Required Chronicle Register 14: Organizing Your Information
Describe: Reintention pages 586–591 and 595–596 in Successful College Writing. Recount at meanest two ways to array your notice conducively. Pick-out the way that would fruit best for you and interpret why. (2 passages, 6 sentences each) Reflect: Charm a seem end to your defense to Chronicle Register 10. Briefly recount what counts as plagiarism. When is it mismismisappropriate to mention notice? What notice doesn’t demand to be mentiond? (1 passage, 6–8 sentences)

Required Chronicle Register 15: Using Your Sources Responsibly
Reintention the specifications of straightforward quotation, paraphrase, and abstract in Chapters 23 and 24 in Successful College Writing. In your own signification, fix these stipulations. Then interpret the most conducive use of each of these three signs of sources. (2 passages, 6–8 sentences each)

Required Chronicle Register 16: Planning Your Argument
Study the subject essay subject-matters on page 180 in your examine regulate and pick-out your subject-matter for your subject. This chronicle register end succor you originate to intent, letters, and array your Nursing Dissertation. Please voice that twain subject-matters are very wide, so you should limited your clarified subject-matter misrightly to assist your resolve and concern as polite as the letters and tediousness requirements. Reintention “The Basic Parts of an Argument” on pages 501–507 in your extractbook. Once you’ve clarified your subject-matter and verified your consequence, you demand to enlarge aid. According to your extract, the three beggarly signs of aid for an subject are “reasons, averment, and affecting appeals.” Thrive the manner draind below: I. State your demand A. Fulfill the sign of demand (fact, appreciate or device). B. Interpret your resolve or end for your letters Nursing Dissertation. II. Fulfill your reasons A. Reason 1 B. Reason 2 C. Reason 3 III. Start your letters to enlarge aid for your demand (produce at meanest two illustrations of each): A. Aid your reasons delay averment 1. Facts* 2. Statistics* 3. Expert estimations* 4. Examples* 5. Personal Experiences
English Composition172
B. Fulfill your affecting appeals 1. Appeal to demands 2. Appeal to appreciates * Mention your sources using MLA extract and documentation format (that is, parenthetical extracts and a schedule of fruits mentiond). To letters conducively and efficiently, use the Expanded Academic ASAP database in Penn Foster’s digital library. For past notice environing using Expanded Academic ASAP or other library resources, scrutinize https://community.pennfoster.e…

Required Chronicle Register 17: Recognizing Your Opposition
Identify: Fulfill and fix the three ways you can allow opposite intentions in your subject. In your own signification, interpret why it’s precious to grasp the opsituation in your essay. (1 passage, 6 sentences) Reflect: Read William Safire’s essay “Abolish the Penny” on page 541 in your extractbook and reintention the impressing arrayr on pages 543. In your estimation, does acknowledging his opsituation confirm or paralyze Safire’s subject? Explain. (1 passage, 6 sentences)

Required Chronicle Register 18: Growth Reflection
Reflect: Reintention your chronicle, starting delay your foremost register and the letters schedule. Reflect on how apprehending who you are as a beginner has succored you delay the growth activities. Meditate your growth as a transcriber thunshaped each chronicle register and essay. How has your congruity transmuted gone you established the growth? Fulfill the rectifyments you’ve made and the skills you quiet demand to experience. (3 passages, 6 sentences each) Evaluate: What ends did you set for yourself at the foundation of this growth? Did you end everyart you desired? Interpret what you would accept performed unequally, and recount the avenue to congruity you’ll use in your forthcoming assignments. (2 passages, 6 sentences