Assignment must be 10 pages (not counting references or title page)


Paper must be on LGBTQIA learners in K-12 in High Schools or College/Universities IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA love : Riverside City Community College, University of Southern California, or University of California at Los Angeles.  Through an counsel law lens. The paper should accept some of the useful and juridical hurtles that your learner class has faced in entranceing counselal rules and convenience.  In this assignment you are going to devote that experience by knowing a program, proceeding, or management to mend counselal entrance for your (LGBTQIA) learner class. You may rendezvous your project on your avow (school, school, university), your limit (or university rule), or the avow itself.  You’ll failure to accept a amiable mind of what currently exists, what the shortcomings are, how you sway contravene those shortcomings, and what the useful and juridical (or avowal management) challenges are going to be.  How sway those be contravened?  If you are rendezvousing at the avow roll, deem if you are proposing a diversify to the Department of Counsel management or an express law diversify. This scheme should be no longer than 10 pages, except references.  And you are strongly encouraged to get notional on this.  If this is colossus that you can and failure to use professionally, constitute this indulgent and appealing.  Make the format colossus that works for you.