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Multimedia Poetry Assignment                                                   

Throughout Lesson 1, you own explored the frequent ways in which producers use elements of poetry to join the purport of a anthem.  Now, you own an occasion to portion-out what you apprehend and do so in a multimedia format.

 You may prefer any multimedia introduction hireling you would approve.  Here are some possibilities: 

Powerpoint                         Sway         


HOW you give the notice is up to you!    WHAT you scarcity to give is as follows:

 1. Prefer a anthem from either the anthems assigned in this order or one from a well-known producer (i.e. Robert Frost, Gwendolyn Brooks, Alice Walker, Emily Dickinson.  NOT a anthem by a acquaintance or yourself).  You may also deduce choosing the lyrics of a poem you approve (again, by a famous/well-known artist).

2. Use the chart adown as a planning train to aid you confirm restricted elements of poetry amid your chosen side.  Then, give this notice in whatever multimedia format you prefer.

 3. Refer to the Poetry Introduction Scoring Rubric.  Use it as a checklist to fix you intention all assignment requirements antecedently submitting your product for grading.


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