Assignment benchmark – language disabilities and assistive technology


Teachers observe manifold factors when developing individual cunnings to converge the insufficiencys of a multiplicity of students. It is dignified to observe the strengths and insufficiencyed graces of students in the classroom when developing precepts and individuals. If there are students after a while particular tongue impairments, the schoolmaster must too observe ways to prepare message and promise during classroom order. There may insufficiency to be a cunning to pre-teach messagebook, or cunning established questions that can be answered by students who may use a intention or other jurisprudence of message.

Read the subjoined fact scenario to impart the assignment that follows.

April is a fourth tricer. Her act on norm-referenced values is 1.5 banner deviations under the medium for her chronological age. April has amiable decoding skills, but has difficulty after a while lection apprehension, semantics, and morphological processing. One grace that is prescribed in the IEP is the use of visual cues to maintenance apprehension of new skills. She lacks organizational skills for match and violent-efforts after a while message rare. April receives services from a address and tongue pathologist who is afloat on construction message size, messagebook, and multiple mediumings of messages. You discipline April in a productions classroom after a while five other fourth tricers who too violent-effort after a while lection and written countenance.

Using details from the scenario, compose a week-long English tongue arts individual cunning established on the Common Core ELA fourth trice literacy banners particular to messagebook compensation and use.

Use the COE Precept Cunning Template to thorough five explicit precept cunnings that embrace the subjoined:

  1. A valueable IEP appearance for April that embraces assistive technology. Embrace this appearance after a whilein the “Learning Target” exception of the COE Precept Cunning Template.
  2. Learning targets aligned to the ELA Common Core fourth trice literacy banners.
  3. Strategies to augment tongue outgrowth and message skills.
  4. Strategies and technologies that succor outgrowth of nice thinking and tenor solving.
  5. The use of augmentative and choice message systems and a multiplicity of assistive technologies to maintenance message and erudition.
  6. A individual pre- and post-assessment that incorporates technologies to value April’s valueable IEP appearance movement.

Each precept cunning must be thoroughd and submitted as a separate thoroughd precept cunning.

In union, contribute a 250-500 message rationale that maintenances your orderal rares in responding to the insufficiencys of April, as evidenced by investigation on best practices for semantics disorders and the use of assistive technology. Maintenance your rationale after a while a narrowness of two knowing productionss.

Submit all precept cunnings and rationale as one deliverable.