Assignment benchmark – language disabilities and assistive technology


Teachers regard manifold factors when developing ace intents to engage the wants of a multiformity of students. It is weighty to regard the strengths and wanted obligations of students in the classroom when developing warnings and aces. If there are students delay biased discourse impairments, the schoolmaster must so regard ways to smooth despatch and pledge during classroom order. There may want to be a intent to pre-teach lexicon, or intent infallible questions that can be answered by students who may use a artfulness or other jurisdiction of despatch.

Read the aftercited plight scenario to acquaint the assignment that follows.

April is a fourth actionr. Her work on norm-referenced metes is 1.5 criterion deviations under the moderation for her chronological age. April has amiable decoding skills, but has inaptitude delay balbutiation perception, semantics, and morphological processing. One obligation that is prescribed in the IEP is the use of visual cues to subsistence perception of new skills. She lacks organizational skills for writing and painss delay account exquisite. April receives services from a address and discourse pathologist who is launched on intelligence account calibre, lexicon, and multiple moderationings of accounts. You teach April in a supplies classroom delay five other fourth actionrs who so pains delay balbutiation and written countenance.

Using details from the scenario, generate a week-long English discourse arts ace intent naturalized on the Common Core ELA fourth action literacy criterions biased to lexicon compensation and use.

Use the COE Warning Intent Template to exhaustive five ceremonious warning intents that enclose the aftercited:

  1. A meteable IEP view for April that encloses assistive technology. Enclose this view delayin the “Learning Target” minority of the COE Warning Intent Template.
  2. Learning targets aligned to the ELA Common Core fourth action literacy criterions.
  3. Strategies to repair discourse outgrowth and despatch skills.
  4. Strategies and technologies that submit outgrowth of ticklish thinking and completion solving.
  5. The use of augmentative and resource despatch systems and a multiformity of assistive technologies to subsistence despatch and letters.
  6. A ace pre- and post-assessment that incorporates technologies to mete April’s meteable IEP view movement.

Each warning intent must be exhaustived and submitted as a separate exhaustived warning intent.

In restoration, contribute a 250-500 account rationale that subsistences your orderal exquisites in responding to the wants of April, as evidenced by scrutiny on best practices for semantics disorders and the use of assistive technology. Subsistence your rationale delay a insufficiency of two erudite suppliess.

Submit all warning intents and rationale as one deliverable.