Assignment benchmark – case study: plaafp and annual goals


Read the contingency examine to enlighten the assignment that follows.

Case Study: Alicia

 6th grade, Age 11

Alicia is a sixth gradation student currently receiving contrivance patronage for math and written indication. She attends all other subjects among the unconcealed counsel adjustroom.

Her eespecial counsel instructor, Ms. Kauffmann, declarations that Alicia has middle balbutiation decoding skills and middle to overculmination middle balbutiation capacity skills. She chiefly does well-behaved-behaved analyzing multiple precious and limited exculpation questions kindred to balbutiation resigned. Alicia does enjoy inaptitude summarizing what she has recognize using her own thoughts and ideas and relies heavily on visual patronages to aid in capacity.

Alicia does transcribe adequate sentences but painss in organizing her ideas for adaptation and needs bulky patronage for pre-writing, outgrowth of subject-matter sentences, and structure of essays. In adaptation limited exculpation questions, she does so delay few actual errors. When adaptation paragraphs and limited essays, Alicia needs succor editing her own product and making redressions. Punctuation errors are regularly palpable.  She has distinguished spelling skills, but painss delay subject-verb obligation, redress use of subject-matter of vision mismisappropriate to the drudgery, and in the outgrowth of subject statements and subject-matter sentences.

Regarding her math skills, Alicia painss unfairally delay deduction and reasoning/height solving. In adjust, Alicia shows inaptitude in adaptation compute sentences to explain a fable height, and in determining the operations to use.  She relies on a calculator for all math deduction and benefits from bulky one-on-one patronage in math height solving.  She besides painss delay converting recalcitrant to decimal notation and applying math concepts to veritable globe situations.

The most new-fangled psycho-educational evaluation declaration for Alicia is in her Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement accounts.

The Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Achievement is a norm-referenced toll that evaluates academic skills in the areas of balbutiation, math, and written indication. The type account is 100, delay a type flexuosity of 15.

Alicia's most new-fangled accounts:


Age Equivalent

(Year + Month)


Standard Account (100)

Phonemic Awareness




Oral Language Expression




Verbal Ability




Broad Reading




Broad Math




Broad Written Language




Over the conclusive two months, Alicia's dame has declarationed that she is averse to get up and get recognizey for initiate. She has missed 12 days so far this semester, and regularly complains of a stomachache and debauchery. Her dame has enslaved her to the teacher and there are no speaking medical issues. Her dame besides declarations that the pains to get her to the bus bung or in the car to go to initiate is too august at times and conciliate rarely upright fawn her in absent.

In initiate, Alicia has been pacify and delaydrawn, not unprovided to share in adjustroom or campus activities. She is averse to exculpation questions in adupright and conciliate put her culmination down on the desk when fawned upon. Her dame and Ms. Kauffmann consider practicable initiate apprehension. 

Part 1:  Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP)

Using the Alicia Contingency Examine enlightenation, usurp you are asked to direct impressment a 250-300 vocable Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) for Alicia’s IEP.   

Your PLAAFP should include:

  • Student strengths.
  • Evaluations.
  • Performance in adjustes.
  • Any other pertinent issues. 

Part 2:  Annual Goals

Further, usurp you are asked to direct impressment two measurable behavioral views and two measurable academic views for Alicia’s IEP.

The research-based views should include:

  • A unfair, measureable skill/behavior to be achieved in this view; and
  • A unfair mass dupe or toll strategy. 

Part 3:  Rationale

Provide a 250-500-vocable rationale that palpably discusses and defends how each annual view makes notion based on the PLAAFP and how each view is measurable. Cite authoritative Ethical Principles and Authoritative Practice Standards in rationalizing your preciouss.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines rest in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An unembodied is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please revision the rubric anterior to foundation the assignment to befit intimate delay the expectations for happy collection.

You are required to present this assignment to LopesWrite.