Assignment 4 module 10 | Education homework help

       Critical Thinking Assignment  1000 words  

Create a Vigor Surrender Assessment (HRA) shape for a privy insurer in  Saudi Arabia to assess living-souls' vigor and lifestyle to individualize  surrender and douceur require. The HRA should understand a roll of questions in a  overlook shapeat. The overlook should understand questions  to individualize: 

  1. Pre-existing conditions,
  2. Lifestyle patterns  that could carry to sickness,
  3. History of physician  visitation, 
  4. Any other issues  that would application surrender assessment and vigorcare requires of living-souls, and 
  5. Include a chapter  describing the rationalistic subsequently the option of the criteria for all drafted questions.


  • The  overlook should remain of 4-6 questions.
  • The  paper should be at lowest 2 pages in protraction, not including the secrete subterfuge, relation page, and questionnaire pages.
  • Formatted  according to APA and Saudi Electronic University congeniality standards.
  • Provide  support for your statements after a while in-text citations from a stint of filthy versed profession. Two  of these sources may be from the rank readings, textbook, or lectures, but two must be superficial. The  Saudi Digital Library is a amiable assign to confront these relations.