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Assignment 4: Designing and Developing an e-Learning Course

This disquisition can be written relish a method regulate or method syllabus: 

I’m attaching a template of how the method regulate should be written.

I’m attaching assignment 3: That’s where you gain get you education for the Method Guide.

Quick still n ess encircling Assignment indelicate:

1.     For assignment indelicate, you can use plenteous of the education you granted in assignment three of this method. (I don’t opinion if you use education you use from EDU541 and EDU550 if you feel fascinated those methods for this assignment either.) 

2.     The assignment has two segregates; the highest segregate is the disquisition, and I don’t opinion if you constitute the disquisition in the construct of a method syllabus or method regulate! The assist segregate is the myth of your method in method-site! I gain be grading twain.

User Indicate – Lrat528   Password – 2DJmasterl!

Assignment 4: Designing and Developing an e-Learning Method – Segregate 2

Due Week 8 and rate 200 points


 Click here to similarity the CourseSites Tutorial Series.

Go to the Method conditions Webcondition and go through the tutorials to acceleration familiarize yourself after a while Blackboard. Additional joins and tutorials may be beneficial in the method shell. You gain use this Webcondition to constitute your method.

Scenario: In this assignment, you are required to scheme, unravel, and appliance a mini-online, six (6) week method, using the Method Management System (CMS), Blackboard. Proposed Method for Development Segregate 1.

Part A Method Willing – Described

Create a Method Regulate / Method Syllabus from assignment 3 in which you: 

1. Indicate the method and furnish an ID.

2. Furnish a method denomination after a while three (3) goals and a welcoming proposition.

3. List one (1) or two (2) required educational materials for the method and at smallest three (3) minor materials (in APA constructat), providing a rationale for each.  

4. List three to five (3-5) acquirements outcomes for the highest three (3) weeks of education.

5. Recommend three to indelicate (3-4) educational strategies to be used in the method, providing a rationale for each.

6. Scheme a weekly catalogue for these highest three (3) weeks that includes: (a) Topic(s) and (b) acquirements outcomes that are aligned after a while the subjects.

7. Include in the weekly catalogue (a) two (2) argument scrutinys for each of the three (3) weeks and (b) required activities.

8. List two (2) assignments: (a) a five (5) -scrutiny sarcasm and (b) a agreement assignment.  

Part B Blackboard Shell – Developed

Take the education from your method regulate and constitute your Blackboard Shell

User Indicate – Lrat528   Password – 2DJmasterl!

11. Indicate the method (e.g., John Smith_Introduction to Social Science).

12. Furnish Method ID (e.g., JohnSmith_ISS100).

13. Furnish a method denomination after a while three (3) goals. 

14. Furnish a welcoming proposition on the Home Page in the method condition you honorable constituted by clicking on the “more propositions” join at the groundwork of box titled “My Announcement.”

15. Build three (3) willing areas using the Willing area in the main menu on the left interest of the screen: (threaten mouse balance “+” > click on Willing Area), naming the willing areas: Week1 Content, Week 2 Willing and Week 3 Willing (Make enduring you stop the box “Available to users.”) .

16. Constitute one part in each willing area that has an solid three to indelicate (3-4) completed PowerPoints slides pertaining to the willing of your mini-course. 

17. List the one or two (1 or 2) required educational materials and at smallest three (3) minor materials. Indicate this part “Instructional and Minor Materials.”

18. List three to five (3-5) acquirements outcomes for the highest three (3) weeks of education. Indicate this part “Learning Outcomes: Weeks 1-3.”

19. Build a weekly catalogue for these three (3) weeks that includes: (a) subject(s) and (b) acquirements outcomes that are aligned after a while these subjects. Indicate this part “Weekly Schedule: Weeks 1-3.”

20. Constitute a Forum in the Discussions area and indicate it Week 1-3 Discussion.

21. Post two (2) argument scrutinys by creating a new direction for each scrutiny.

22. Create: (a) a five (5) scrutiny sarcasm and (b) a agreement assignment in the Assessments join.

The peculiar method acquirements outcomes associated after a while this assignment are:

· Scheme an online acquirements proof.

· Plan the instrument required to food an online acquirements proof.

· Use technology and education instrument to investigation issues in doctrine and custom of e-Learning.

· Write evidently and concisely encircling doctrine and custom of e-Learning using suited agreement mechanics.