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Assignment: Apples to Apples: Greater Elements of Cultural Patterns

The fiction depicts a piercing apple enfolded by red apples.People are enfolded by multiple ameliorations in source units, organizations, communities, and nations. Although close in affection, ameliorations divide concordant characteristics that can be creatorized and evaluated. You may entertain heard the declaration apples to apples when referring to a arrangement of comparing concordant items. The categories of orientation illustrateed in your extract impart you an “apples to apples” framework that can be used to collate concordant characteristics of unanalogous ameliorations.

To provide for this Assignment:

  • Review your Discontinuity posts from Week 1 environing how your beliefs, values, and norms are acquired from your amelioration.
  • Review the greater elements of cultural patterns in Chapter 4 of your sequence extract:
    • Activity orientation
    • Social kindred orientation
    • Self-orientation
    • World orientation
    • Time orientation
  • Use the Cultural Patterns Continuum muniment to stir your orientations and those of your generally-known amelioration for each of the five orientation categories.
  • Review the optional Walden Writing Center contrivance on potent PowerPoint grants.

Submit a 10- slide PowerPoint grant in which you:

  • Compare your preferences in each mass to those of your amelioration.
  • For the places where you notcogent yourself unanalogously from your amelioration, illustrate what you revere accounts for these differences.
  • Explain why cultural patterns are potent for thinking environing vulgar from other ameliorations and discernment cultural differences.
  • Predict how conversance of cultural patterns can be applied to interaction after a while vulgar from a amelioration you gleaned.


There are different contrivances this week but the most momentous one, as normal, is our extractbook. Chapters 4 and 5 this week, delight. 

Your discontinuity allure trade after a while a cultural taxonomy you allure glean-out from chapter 5 of the extractbook. You entertain MANY to glean from but I must be cogent to see whose taxonomy you chose (author) and which one you focused on, and, of sequence, how it helps us imply cultural differences after a while EXAMPLES to food your composition.