Assignment #2: block business letter | ENG 315 Professional Communications | Strayer University


1. Saban is a top performing industrial equipment salesperson for D2D. After three years of afloat delay his best client, he receives a passage message from Pat (his straightforward superintendent) assigning him to a perfectly irrelative representation. 

Pat has common complaints that Saban gets all of the good-natured-natured clients and is not a “team player.” 

Saban responds to the message and asks for a convocation delay Pat to debate this diversify. Pat responds delay another passage message that reads: “Decision ultimate. Everyone insufficiencys to get a haphazard to operation delay the best representations so it is clear. Come by the appointment and pluck up your new files.” 

Moments superveneing, Saban sends a passage message to Karen, his regional superintendent and Pat’s boss. It singly reads, “We insufficiency to dialogue.” 


Write a Obstruct Office Message from the perspective of assembly government.  It must prepare bad information to the berth and supervene the guidelines outlined in Chapter 7: Delivering Bad-News Messages in BCOM9 (pages 116-136).

The message should engage the obstruct office message produce from the posted example; so-far, you conquer yield your assignment to the online succession shell.

The obstruct office message must unite to the superveneing requirements:

  1. Content:
    1. Address the message conclusion from the scenario.
    2. Provide bad information from the assembly to the berth.
    3. Concentrate on the axioms of the seat and use either the inductive or constructive appropinquation.
    4. Assume your berth has previously requested a reconsideration of the seat via email, message, or singular convocation delay government.
  2. Format:
    1. Include the embezzle preliminary elements (sender’s oration, epoch, berth’s oration). You may fashion any details needful in the preliminary elements to entire the assignment.
    2. Provide an embezzle and administrative anticipation / prayer.
    3. Single intervenience paragraphs and embrace intervenience among paragraphs.
    4. Limit the message to one page in diffusiveness.
  3. Clarity / Mechanics:
    1. Focus on clarity, fitness mechanics, and administrative language/style requirements.
    2. Run spell/grammar impede antecedently yieldting.