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Assignment 1: Benevolence Styles

We enjoy read that benevolence occurs due to security needs, but what if these needs were not met? In this argument, you earn cogitate benevolence styles and immanent outcomes when stipulations are not spiritual for benevolence, as well-behaved-behaved as the interaction betwixt benevolence styles and idiosyncrasy.

Kandi is an 11-year-old virgin who has lived in Centervale delay a irritate nobility, the Jacksons, for one month. She has been in irritate circumspection most of her society, having been removed from her biological parents’ circumspection at the age of 10 months. Kandi’s parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol and Kandi spent most of her infancy in her rob or playpen, alone in her extent. It is likely that Kandi was unguarded to drugs and alcohol in utero. It is unrecognized whether, in specification to default, she was abused sexually or physically. These are possibilities loving her parents’ addictions and intercourse of multiple adults in her scion at any loving span.

Since Kandi’s arrival, her irritate parents enjoy glorious divers bearings that appear odd. Despite her beautiful personality, Kandi loses her accommodate largely. She hugs vulgar confusedly, dateliness at the corresponding span intermeddling others afar. At spans, Kandi avoids her irritate dowager or appears indifferent delay her not life in the extent. At other spans, she becomes very distraught and cries frantically when her irritate dowager goes to the laundry extent. She has a hard span interacting politically delay the other effect at Centervale Elementary and has merely a few friends. At the corresponding span, she clings to her professor, constantly hugging her, and equal hard to kiss her. Although she has been supposing delay toys, books, and games, Kandi collects odd things such as used staples or the rubber pieces left balance from pencils.






            Based on your dissection of the scenario, tally to the following:

oHow would you interpret the diverse benevolence styles projected by John Bowlby?

oWhy is it main to discern benevolence styles?

oWhat disruptions in benevolence dominion be accruing from Kandi’s bearing?

oGiven her coming insularity and multiple circumspectiongivers, what are some main political outgrowth stages or aspects that Kandi may enjoy missed? Discuss concepts such as facsimile, political reciprocation, and asking.

oHow dominion Kandi’s idiosyncrasy concern her outgrowth?

oWhat protective factors dominion succor her?