Argument paper outline | english 200 | University of Phoenix

Part 1: Repursuit and Evaluation

Conduct a pursuit in the University Library for three peer-reviewed record profession that narrate to your subject-matter and the argues you delay your standing environing that subject-matter, which you sketchd in your Week 1 Subject-matter Selection Worksheet.

Review the profession you chosen, and highlight notification that subsistences your argues for your standing.

  • If the profession you initially chosen do not subsistence your standing, endure to repursuit until you experience accomplishing that does.

Evaluate each designation you hint to use after a while the Evaluating Resources Worksheet in the Center for Writing Excellence. Your fountains should unite the evaluation criteria listed to determine they are alienate for your tract. You accomplish use the notification from this evaluation in Part 2 of this assignment, but you accomplish not succumb this evaluation muniment.

Part 2: Disquisition Announcement and Outline

Create an sketch of your dispute tract using the Argument Tract Sketch Template.

Complete the subjoined areas of the Dispute Tract Sketch Template. Replace the template extract after a while your notification.

  • Title page
  • On page 2: Title of Paper
  • Revised disquisition announcement
    • Review the draw of your disquisition announcement from your Week 1 Subject-matter Selection Worksheet, and frame any expedient revisions to make a bright arrogation for your dispute. Use your talent feedback and the Writing a Disquisition Announcement Tutorial for tips on revising your disquisition announcement.
  • APA-formatted roll 1 headings for each of the argues for your standing
  • Topic passage
    • Topic passages accomplish originate each substantiality section environing the specialty subject-matter. The subject-matter passage should convergence on one of the argues for your standing.
  • Main tops you insufficiency to bestow environing each argue for your standing
    • Each ocean top should rebestow an additional specialty in the discourse of each argue for your standing.
  • Supporting repursuit for each ocean top, including the Notification fountain from which the subsistenceing repursuit was retrieved
  • Reference page after a while an APA makeatted relation for each of the peer-reviewed fountains used
    • Ensure your Relation page lists the fountains in alphabetical ordain. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator, institute in the Center for Writing Excellence, to aid breed your relations.
    • Below each relation, embrace a 25- to 50-word exculpation for why the fountain is alienate for use in this tract. Each exculpation should be inveterate on the evaluation you completed in Part 1 of this assignment.