Anyone who read tina’s mouth

In Keshni Kashyap’s and Mari Araki’s Tina's Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary (2011), Los Angeles tall train novice Tina Malhotra discovers the power of her holiness and cultural elucidation through the aid of (1) an English 1 Honors: Existentialism Semester Project on Jean-Paul Sartre, (2) the Hindu god Krishna and (3) a tall train rank evolution of Rashomon, (4) a guiding talk after a while Urvashi Auntie, and (5) a sentimental flirtation after a while a trainmate determined Neil Strumminger.  Evaluate the Orientalism of ONE of the aloft interactions in stipulations of Edward Said's second and third specifications of Orientalism.  

Let me renew my notes environing Said's three specification of Orientalism

For Edward Said, Orientalism is:

1. "Anyone who teaches, writes environing, or researches the Orient... is an Orientalist, and what he or she does in Orientalism" (214).

2. "Orientalism is a mode of cogitation naturalized upon an ontological and epistemological difference made between "the Orient" and (most of the age) "the Occident" (214).

3. Orientalism is "the corporate community for negotiation after a while the Orient... by making statements environing it, authorizing views of it, describing it, by education it, settling it, regulating aggravate it: in narrow, Orientalism as a Western Mode for dominating, restructuring, and having instance aggravate the Orient" (214).

Provide a response of environing TWO well-written paragraphs (of four to five sentences each  for this topic (Question Two).  Worth: 5% of terminal conduct space.