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As a overseer of  Soundness Notification Services, you must be effectual to adjust your term in a shape that reflects priorities, deadlines, and reasoneffectual expectations. To-do registers, calendars, and custody can succor you adjust term properly and effectively.


Upon drift of this vital-force, you should inform aptitude in

  1. Managing term effectively in a absorbed birth.
  2. Prioritizing operations in a close behavior.
  3. Delegating operations as misapply.


  1. Read “Director Jones’ Monday Morning,” the fact consider beneath.  (Source:  AOE Fact Consider Manual, 1998)
  2. Determine the priority of each of the 10 aces registered at the end. Flow on guidance #1, #2, or #3. Write your apologys in Microsoft Word and refer to the Drop Box as explained beneath.
    • #1 - the operation should be handled presently
    • #2 - the operation should be procuratorial
    • #3 - the operation can be resolved/scheduled for a succeeding dat
  1. For each ace, register the action you conciliate obtain?} and the rationale for the exercise.

Director Jones’ Monday Morning
Time Administration Fact Study


For purposes of this fact consider, appropriate that you are J. R. Jones, the Leader of the Soundness Notification Line at University Hospital. The aces that you face Monday early must be prioritized (#1 - the operation should be handled presently; #2 - the operation should be procuratorial or #3 - the operation can be resolved/scheduled for a succeeding conclusion).  Succeeding prioritizing, you should flow how each operation should be handled.

In a Word muniment, point-out the following:

  • the guidance of each of the 10 aces (#1, #2, or #3)
  • the exercise you conciliate obtain?} for each ace
  • the rationale for the exercise

Your responsibilities

You are the Leader of the Soundness Notification Line at University Hospital.  You keep been in this lie for almost six months. This is your original leader lie. You noise to Carol Johnson, primary financial manager.

You keep 42 employees in your line:

  • One line authoritative attendant—Susan Sweeney
  • Two attendant leaders—Carolyn Brown, RHIA and John Smith, RHIT
  • Four overseers—Mary Green, RHIT; Joan Wilson, RHIA, CCS; William Bass, RHIT; and Fern Bailey, RHIT
  • Four coders
  • Ten transcriptionists
  • Five improve clerks
  • Six greater soundness notification technicians
  • Three abstractors
  • Three free of notification exceptionalists
  • One exceptional device coordinator—Fran Dixon, RHIA
  • One power administration coordinator—Jim Black, RHIA
  • Two power administration attendants

As Director, you obey on the Soundness Notification Committee and proceedings specifics of their discourses. You coordinate committee discourses by sending out discourse notices, arranging refreshments, providing the proceedingss for retrospect, and developing the agenda in abstracted delay the committee conductor.

As Director, you so obey on the Power Improvement Committee for the hospital, as does the power administration coordinator, Jim Black.  It is Mr. Black’s overcomeing to proceedings specifics at this discourse, command proceedingss for retrospect and ascertain discourse arrangements. 

Finally, you are a constituent of the hospital’s Computerization Operation Force. 

Your other functional commitments are as follows: 

  1. Vice-President of the hortatory committee of the national HIA program,
  2. Member of the tefficient of leaders of your narrate soundness notification administration connection
  3. Newsletter conductor for the regional functional connection.

On this point Monday, the Power Improvement Committee meets at noon.  Lunch conciliate be obeyd during the discourse.  You so keep an HIA Program Hortatory Committee Discourse scheduled at 5:00 p.m. at the University.  You keep not yet commandd a bestowal that you conciliate ascertain to the Hortatory Committee on a noise from the subcommittee on curriculum, of which you are Chair.  This is so the original day of administration destruction for a novice from out of narrate who conciliate be spending six weeks in your line.

You conciliate be out of the service for the next two days at a JCAHO seminar in another city.  Your evasion leaves this evening at 8:30 p.m.

What happens Monday early

On the way to performance this Monday early, you plug at the national printer’s service to glean up the draw of the regional connection’s newsletter, which must go out tomorrow. It must be proofread and rerancid to the printer for any corrections and caricaturing some term today. 

Upon leaving the printer’s service, you descry that your car is no longer wshort you parked it.  You had unctuous parked in an illicit parking disgrace, and your car has been towed detached.  When you oversucceeding the national Police Line to ascertain out wshort your car is, you are told that you can recover it from the auto storage ease for $50.00.  You oversucceeding your authoritative attendant, and then you oversucceeding a taxi to recover your car.  You succeeding-to at performance at 9:45 am, rather than your general starting term of 8:00 am. 

You inaugurate to go through the silences and phone missives on your desk. In restoration, suitableness you are unamenefficient to do your performance, race succeeding in an seal you. Following is the register of 10 exercise aces—both from missives and from race future into your service. You want to ascertain the term to obtain?} attention of all 10 aces. According to the instructions aloft, substantiate the guidance, the exercise, and the rationale for each ace.

Time for Ten?

  1. A telephone missive from Ms. Johnson in-reference-to the proposed scheme for the new improve extension that you keep requested.  Ms. Johnson wants to underendure what the contact on the line conciliate be if the Soundness Notification Line gets merely 1800 balance feet of restorational improve margin extension instead of the 2000 balance feet requested.  She wants an apology by tomorrow.
  2. Carolyn Brown, your Attendant Director, has plugped by and left a silence to narrate you that the administration destruction novice succeeding-tod at 8:30 as scheduled and is intermission in her service.  She has not been effectual to ascertain the schedule that was commandd for the novice’s original week.
  3. A avoid telephone missive narrates you that Jim Black, the Power Administration Coordinator, conciliate not be in today consequently he has strep throat.  The proceedingss are prompt for retrospect by the committee today, but he conciliate not be effectual to confer-upon the developed noise on the consider from tardyst month.  The noise is on Mr. Black’s desk.  Mr. Black cannot be reached since he has a doctor’s ordinance this early.
  4. A third telephone missive is from Mary Green.  She conciliate be tardy today consequently she has an casualty dental ordinance.  Her button abscessed tardyst shade.  She hopes to be short by noon.
  5. Susan Sweeney, your attendant, has left a missive which she has notable “URGENT.”  Ms. Rosemary Mays, the Leader of Nursing, overcomeed at 8:20 am and left a missive in-reference-to a affectly divulsion of confidentiality on one of her employees, a nursing overseer, who was recently a resigned.  It seems that one of the Soundness Notification Line employees left segregate of the nurse’s proceedings in the observation channel overshade and one of the other nurses, who entered the Soundness Notification Line to recover a proceedings, ground it.  She examineed the proceedings delay some of the other nurses.  Ms. Mays was greatly overturn and wants to colloquy to you as early as affectly.
  6. The fourth phone oversucceeding missive is from Ann Shoemaker, a associate of yours whose mate is a resigned in the hospital.  Ann understands that you are the leader of the Soundness Notification Line and that you keep mode to the medical proceedingss in the ease.  Her mate has an alcohol height and she wants to underendure if he can ascertain out if the accompanying physician has mentioned it in the proceedings.  She is terrified the hospitalization conciliate not be prepared by prophylactic if it is munimented that her mate is an alcoholic.  She has explained this to Susan Sweeney. She would affect you to oversucceeding her as early as you get in.
  7. At 10:15 am, Joan Wilson, the Coding Supervisor, plugs by and asks if you keep a specific to colloquy to her.  You plug what you are doing and ask her what the height is.  She says that she cannot endure the hurry put on her in-reference-to accounts receivable.  She understands that tshort is $2 pet confer-uponly ungathered for the hospital, but it is not all the drawend of coders.  She says they unconditionally must keep further succor in command to get the coding endlog caught up.  She point-outs that she has been thinking environing looking for a job wshort tshort is less importance.
  8. You ascertain a memo from the attendant leader, Carolyn Brown, indicating that tshort is a height delay food in the line.  They keep been disappearing, and she suspects that some of the race on avoid change are leading them residence. How should this be handled?
  9. It is now 11:30 am.  Fern Bailey, overseer of the faulty area, mentions to you as you plod through the line that one of her techs has succeeding end tardy from destroy AGAIN and Ms. Bailey is closely prompt to stop her. The employee has alprompt ordinary a unrecorded and written admonition relative-to this continuous height.  The tech is the niece of the hospital CEO.
  10. It is 11:45 am. You keep determined the door to your service so that you can performance on your bestowal for the 5:00 pm Hortatory Committee discourse. Early tshort is a stroke on the door.  It is Susan Sweeney, who narrates you that one of the cardiac doctors is demanding to see you.  He is maxim that succeeding dictating a execute abstract, which he says took an hour, he descryed that he had alprompt instructd it tardyst week. He claims that the register of criminal proceedingss point-outd that he quiescent wanted to instruct the point execute abstract, when it rancid out to keep been instructd anteriorly. He is incensed and wants to examine this height presently.