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As a overseer of  Sanity Counsel Services, you must be efficient to shape your period in a figure that reflects priorities, deadlines, and reasonefficient expectations. To-do rolls, calendars, and custody can acceleration you shape period correctly and effectively.


Upon collection of this enthusiasm, you should evince expertness in

  1. Managing period effectively in a attached aspect.
  2. Prioritizing jobs in a argumentative carriage.
  3. Delegating jobs as delayhold.


  1. Read “Director Jones’ Monday Morning,” the contingency examine beneath.  (Source:  AOE Contingency Examine Manual, 1998)
  2. Determine the priority of each of the 10 aces rolled at the end. Run on guidance #1, #2, or #3. Write your replys in Microsoft Word and resign to the Drop Box as explained beneath.
    • #1 - the job should be handled instantly
    • #2 - the job should be representative
    • #3 - the job can be resolved/scheduled for a behind dat
  1. For each ace, roll the action you gain choose and the rationale for the renewal.

Director Jones’ Monday Morning
Time Superintendence Contingency Study


For purposes of this contingency examine, feign that you are J. R. Jones, the Controller of the Sanity Counsel Province at University Hospital. The aces that you face Monday waking must be prioritized (#1 - the job should be handled instantly; #2 - the job should be representative or #3 - the job can be resolved/scheduled for a behind duration).  Behind prioritizing, you should run how each job should be handled.

In a Word instrument, specify the following:

  • the guidance of each of the 10 aces (#1, #2, or #3)
  • the renewal you gain choose for each ace
  • the rationale for the renewal

Your responsibilities

You are the Controller of the Sanity Counsel Province at University Hospital.  You accept been in this lie for approximately six months. This is your pristine controller lie. You communication to Carol Johnson, foremost financial official.

You accept 42 employees in your province:

  • One province authoritative associate—Susan Sweeney
  • Two associate controllers—Carolyn Brown, RHIA and John Smith, RHIT
  • Four masters—Mary Green, RHIT; Joan Wilson, RHIA, CCS; William Bass, RHIT; and Fern Bailey, RHIT
  • Four coders
  • Ten transcriptionists
  • Five finish clerks
  • Six superior sanity counsel technicians
  • Three abstractors
  • Three exempt of counsel featureists
  • One feature device coordinator—Fran Dixon, RHIA
  • One sort superintendence coordinator—Jim Black, RHIA
  • Two sort superintendence associates

As Director, you promote on the Sanity Counsel Committee and continuousles exacts of their convocations. You coordinate committee convocations by sending out convocation notices, arranging refreshments, providing the continuousnear for retrospect, and developing the agenda in importation delay the committee conductor.

As Director, you besides promote on the Sort Improvement Committee for the hospital, as does the sort superintendence coordinator, Jim Black.  It is Mr. Black’s service to continuousles exacts at this convocation, lay continuousnear for retrospect and perceive convocation arrangements. 

Finally, you are a limb of the hospital’s Computerization Job Force. 

Your other negotiative commitments are as follows: 

  1. Vice-President of the hortatory committee of the topical HIA program,
  2. Member of the board of controllers of your narrate sanity counsel superintendence fellowship
  3. Newsletter conductor for the regional negotiative fellowship.

On this feature Monday, the Sort Improvement Committee meets at noon.  Lunch gain be promoted during the convocation.  You besides accept an HIA Program Hortatory Committee Convocation registerd at 5:00 p.m. at the University.  You accept not yet layd a offer that you gain perceive to the Hortatory Committee on a communication from the subcommittee on curriculum, of which you are Chair.  This is besides the pristine day of superintendence squall for a novice from out of narrate who gain be spending six weeks in your province.

You gain be out of the employment for the contiguous two days at a JCAHO seminar in another city.  Your fleeing leaves this slumbering at 8:30 p.m.

What happens Monday waking

On the way to employment this Monday waking, you bung at the topical printer’s employment to enucleate up the drain of the regional fellowship’s newsletter, which must go out tomorrow. It must be proofread and repeevish to the printer for any corrections and servile some period today. 

Upon leaving the printer’s employment, you unearth that your car is no longer whither you parked it.  You had ostensible parked in an illicit parking failure, and your car has been towed separate.  When you persuade the topical Police Province to perceive out whither your car is, you are told that you can regain it from the auto storage readiness for $50.00.  You persuade your authoritative associate, and then you persuade a taxi to regain your car.  You attain at employment at 9:45 am, rather than your common starting period of 8:00 am. 

You commence to go through the peaceful n esss and phone missives on your desk. In union, opportunityliness you are reserved to do your employment, herd succeed in an rend you. Following is the roll of 10 renewal aces—both from missives and from herd hence into your employment. You need to perceive the period to choose concern of all 10 aces. According to the instructions over, fulfill the guidance, the renewal, and the rationale for each ace.

Time for Ten?

  1. A telephone missive from Ms. Johnson about the projected scheme for the new finish distance that you accept requested.  Ms. Johnson wants to recognize what the application on the province gain be if the Sanity Counsel Province gets singly 1800 clear feet of unional finish boundlessness distance instead of the 2000 clear feet requested.  She needs an reply by tomorrow.
  2. Carolyn Brown, your Associate Director, has bungped by and left a peaceful n ess to narrate you that the superintendence squall novice attaind at 8:30 as registerd and is abeyance in her employment.  She has not been efficient to perceive the register that was layd for the novice’s pristine week.
  3. A succor telephone missive narrates you that Jim Black, the Sort Superintendence Coordinator, gain not be in today accordingly he has strep throat.  The continuousnear are fitted for retrospect by the committee today, but he gain not be efficient to give the developed communication on the examine from terminal month.  The communication is on Mr. Black’s desk.  Mr. Black cannot be reached since he has a doctor’s provision this waking.
  4. A third telephone missive is from Mary Green.  She gain be delayed today accordingly she has an strait dental provision.  Her protuberance abscessed terminal night.  She hopes to be hither by noon.
  5. Susan Sweeney, your associate, has left a missive which she has noticeable “URGENT.”  Ms. Rosemary Mays, the Controller of Nursing, persuadeed at 8:20 am and left a missive about a feasible gap of confidentiality on one of her employees, a nursing master, who was of-advanced a enduring.  It seems that one of the Sanity Counsel Province employees left portio of the nurse’s continuousles in the portraiture medium overnight and one of the other nurses, who entered the Sanity Counsel Province to regain a continuousles, build it.  She argueed the continuousles delay some of the other nurses.  Ms. Mays was greatly capsize and wants to conference to you as early as feasible.
  6. The fourth phone persuade missive is from Ann Shoemaker, a confidant of yours whose wife is a enduring in the hospital.  Ann recognizes that you are the controller of the Sanity Counsel Province and that you accept bearing to the medical continuousnear in the readiness.  Her wife has an alcohol tenor and she wants to recognize if he can perceive out if the accompanying physician has mentioned it in the continuousles.  She is alarmed the hospitalization gain not be familiar by insurance if it is instrumented that her wife is an alcoholic.  She has explained this to Susan Sweeney. She would enjoy you to persuade her as early as you get in.
  7. At 10:15 am, Joan Wilson, the Coding Supervisor, bungs by and asks if you accept a exact to conference to her.  You bung what you are doing and ask her what the tenor is.  She says that she cannot hold the constraining put on her about accounts receivable.  She recognizes that thither is $2 favorite gively ungathered for the hospital, but it is not all the failure of coders.  She says they positively must accept further acceleration in adjust to get the coding endlog caught up.  She specifys that she has been thinking about looking for a job whither thither is near emphasis.
  8. You perceive a memo from the associate controller, Carolyn Brown, indicating that thither is a tenor delay preparation in the province.  They accept been disappearing, and she suspects that some of the herd on succor remove are commencement them residence. How should this be handled?
  9. It is now 11:30 am.  Fern Bailey, master of the defective area, mentions to you as you tread through the province that one of her techs has succeed end delayed from rend AGAIN and Ms. Bailey is closely fitted to end her. The employee has alfitted common a oral and written caution about this continuous tenor.  The tech is the niece of the hospital CEO.
  10. It is 11:45 am. You accept shut the door to your employment so that you can employment on your offer for the 5:00 pm Hortatory Committee convocation. Early thither is a calamity on the door.  It is Susan Sweeney, who narrates you that one of the cardiac doctors is demanding to see you.  He is speech that behind dictating a release tabulation, which he says took an hour, he unearthed that he had alfitted commandd it terminal week. He claims that the roll of offender continuousnear specifyd that he peaceful needed to command the feature release tabulation, when it peevish out to accept been commandd precedently. He is hot and wants to argue this tenor instantly.