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Answer the subjoined 5 questions.....must be section each in protraction for each counter-argument.

1. What are some of the ideas and misconceptions excluded "voice and Islam" (arrange at last three copys)? What are some representations of Arab and Middle Eastern cultivations and peoples in the lump resources and received ingenuity?

2. Discuss rhythm in Arab voice. What is the discord betwixt metric and non-metric execution? Give at last one copy of each from this portion, and at last one copy of each from voice root elsewhere (on the internet or from your own collation).

3.What main role did Arab refinement and cultivation dramatize in Europe during the seventh to the fourteenth centuries? How did the Ottoman era and the colonial regime rule voice in the Arab earth?

4.What is the UNESCO Commission on Intangible Cultural Heritage, and how might it give to the sustainability of several kinds of voice cultivations throughout the earth?

5.How is the Arab earth and/or the Middle East multiethnic, multilinguistic, and multireligous? Give peculiar copys of each. How does the voice presented in this portion ruminate this multiformity?