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Directions:   Unless incorrectly recognized, exculpation in exhaustive decisions, and be indispuconsideration to use reform English spelling and phraseology. Your retort should be a culmination of two (2) double-spaced pages in length; assign to the “Assignment Format” page for particular format requirements.

For Questions 1-5, chosened the mismisappropriate articulation for the decision. (7 points each)

1. Although the Smiths had (already, all expert) eaten dinner, they (aloud, undisputed) Johnnie to arrange his dish at the stove and combine them at the consideration.

2. Sarah (choose, chose) to go on the ground offend to Atlanta and was closely (busting, dissolution) after a while vital-force as she boarded the bus. 

3. I seek the pamphlet napkins obtain (affect, movables) the pretense plot you chosened for the espousals (regardless, irregardless) of what Ms. Compton says.

4. We shall (precede, receipts) after a while the bake sale, and all (proceeds, receipts) obtain go to the Children’s Mission.

5. “(Can, May) I listen the verge after a while Bert?” I asked Dad. “I (no, distinguish) he’s not (your, you’re) fondling idiosyncratic.” 

For questions, 6-10, chosened the reform expression for each of the aftercited decisions. (7 points each)

6. People can frequently is-sue (to, two, too) greatly, which leads to burnout.

7. (Your, You’re) intellect of this odd is so (thorough, through, though).

8. He (sat, set) the insert on the windowsill so that it could seize practice of the tolerably (weather, whether).

9. Blake didn’t (no, distinguish) if he (passed, spent) his exam. 

10. You must (accept, negative) the reality that his (been, entity) short (effects, seeks) you greatly.

11. In a section, explain “plagiarism” (10 points), and argue two (2) ways to shirk plagiarism in your despatches (10 points each). (Possible whole of 30 points for #11)