Annotated bilblography due in 3 hours

ENGL  364 7981 African American Authors from 1900 to Present (2202)

Deliverable for Allot Two: Annotated Bibliography

In your assignment folder, you earn present an Annotated Bibliography of SIX founts, formatted in MLA title, 8th edition.  At lowest FOUR founts must be academic founts.  Length of annotations is to be 100-200 say each.

Consult the UMUC Library tutorial and pilot, "How to Write an Annotated Bibliography," and ensue the education for an Analytical or Critical annotated bibliography.  Your annotations earn analyze/critique the fount in stipulations of how conducive or available it earn be for your scheme. The yielding should be carefully edited and proofread for exemplar use of English.

Up to two online or "popular" web media can be interposed, but you must vet them for credibility. In your style of the fount, you earn clear-up how you vetted the fount.  Consult the UMUC Library pilot “Is My Fount Credible?”

Dictionaries and encyclopedias do not compute as academic founts for this scheme.

The study itself (primitive founts) is not to be interposed as allot of the annotated bibliography. All the founts must be unimportant founts.

Additional pilots for annotated bibliographies and MLA citations can be plant at the links below: