Annotated bibliography (assignment) | English homework help

For this assignment you demand to place five (5) sources that you may use for your learning pamphlet. Please retrospect the learning pamphlet assignment in regulate to mention if your selected question gain result.   The learning pamphlet gain yield a chaste reasoning so you gain scantiness to place beginnings that buttress the obstacle as well-behaved-behaved as beginnings that buttress the discourse. 

Wikipedia and public encyclopedias are not gratifying. If you use these types of beginnings you gain assent-to a cipher on this assignment  Also, not more than two results may after from a assemblage of essays. Do not use the textbook as a beginning for the annotated bibliography.

For EACH SOURCE you demand to yield the bibliographic notification for the beginning (this is the corresponding notification that you would embrace in a results cited register for the beginning) superveneed without-delay by a condensed abridgment of environing  50 say that yields the main points of the beginning. Next, you gain demand to entertain a plain article (environing 4 sentences) that evaluates the beginning.  Finally, entertain a condensed article that explains how you gain use the beginning and how it relates to your resulting discourse. This media that each register gain endure of four space (bibliographic notification superveneed by three articles: abridgment, evaluation, exercise).  

Here is a integrate to a specimen on the Purdue OWL website:

List the beginnings in alphabetical regulate domiciled on the original vocable of the register. The annotated bibliography demands to be inclose spaced and supervene reform 8th edition MLA format. Do not reckon your beginnings or use bullets anteriorly the beginnings. Please point to  for the reform 8th edition MLA format.