Analysis of electronic health records system (no plagiarism)


In this scenario, you accomplish arrogate the role of virtue promise superintendent at Vila Health's Independence Medical Center. You possess been asked to re-examination the confer-upon EHR regularity succeeding some concerns were eminent encircling the regularity not being amply skilful after a while new regulations and averageingful use guidelines. Succeeding your re-examination, you accomplish confer-upon your inventings and recommendations to the leadership team.


Prepare a PowerPoint confer-uponation of 8–12 slides about the best practices and emerging models in HIM and EHR. In your confer-uponation:

  • Explain averageingful use guidelines and what they average to an form's confer-upon avow of docility.
  • Explain the new MIPS and what this averages for the form's EHR regularity.
  • Explain an form's confer-upon EHR regularity and its facts course to encounter regulatory guidelines.
  • Analyze how an EHR regularity could better the virtue of anxiety, disencumber stout coursees, and better resigned outcomes.
  • Explain best practices for an form to tend averageingful use docility as it relates to confer-upon motive programs and policies.
  • Recommend evidence-based approaches for implementing new practices for end-user functions, inoculation, and ongoing docility.
  • Communicate resolution and recommendations of an EHR regularity in a sort that is unclouded and compendious.
  • Integrate apt sources to patronage assertions, appropriately formatting citations and advertences using the confer-upon APA fashion.

Refer to the subjoined purposes as a implicit contour for the confer-uponation that accomplish succor you discourse the assignment grading criteria.

  • Introduction.      
    • Explain what the MIPS is and what it averages to the form. 
    • Explain what averageingful use guidelines are and what they average to the form.
    • Describe Independence Medical Center's confer-upon avow of docility.
  • Current bloom advice technology (HIT).      
    • State the confer-upon EHR being used in this form.
    • Present your inventings on the evaluation of the EHR.
    • Explain how the EHR could better the virtue of anxiety, disencumber stout coursees, and better resigned outcomes.
    • Discuss how the facts are confer-uponly smitten, tracked, analyzed, and shared, and whether each area encounters regulatory cunning and motive guidelines.
  • Upgrades and betterments:      
    • Present your inventings from your learning on tending averageingful use guidelines.
    • Present evidence-based best practices for long-term docility after a while confer-upon motive programs and cunning.
    • Make added recommendations on the EHR regularity, including end-user functions, inoculation, and ongoing docility after a while the portion heads.
    • Provide evidence-based recommendations for implementing new practices and emerging models in the verified portions.

Audio Recording

Use Kaltura or another software to archives your confer-uponation. Before you commence archivesing, you may invent it advantageous to transcribe a script or specific contour that you can advert to as you archives. Your archivesed confer-uponation should be no over than 15 minutes in tediousness.

Include the notes or script of your audio archivesing. You may prefer to enclose these in the Notes area of the confer-uponation slides, the script you may possess used when you created your archivesing, or a specific contour. This accomplish work-for to vindicate any inadequate or ununclouded audio or an meagre audio archivesing.

Note: If you did not enclose your notes or script in the confer-uponation, fascinate enclose them in a disconnected muniment concurrently after a while the other confer-uponation elements.

Additional Requirements

Your confer-uponation should besides encounter the subjoined requirements:

  • Written notice: Written notice is gratuitous from errors that deteriorate from the overall notice.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to confer-upon APA fashion and formatting guidelines.
  • Number of resources: At smallest one APA-formatted in-passage citation and related congruent APA-formatted advertence.
  • Length of PowerPoint confer-uponation: 8–12 slides.
  • Duration of audio archivesing: Maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Font and font size: Arial, 18 purpose or over for headings and explanatory passage and 24 purpose and over for slide titles.